The harp sits in the cor­ner gath­er­ing dust, ever since Petra’s dog Maisy got spooked by rustling in the corn­field. A pos­sum? A snake? Petra had reached down to calm the marble-eyed […]

Mom had already signed me up to be a candy striper by the time she and O’Toole picked me up at Robinson Memorial. “You need to think about those less for­tu­nate,” […]

The first day of Playwriting 320, I open the door to the class­room and nod hello to four­teen stu­dents with expec­tant faces, weird garb, new tat­toos. Earlier today, I con­sid­ered ask­ing my TA […]

Ann smelled the ele­phant before she saw it. Then a mud-grey foot swung past and just ahead, land­ing to her left. The drover passed, and the tail of the ele­phant whisked […]

Excerpt from The Odyssey and Dr. Novak There are in our exis­tence spots of time, Which with dis­tinct pre­em­i­nence retain A ren­o­vat­ing Virtue … (Wordsworth The Prelude) ENGLAND 1946–1953 This is where the odyssey […]

Kepler made a deci­sion. He looked up from the side­walk and stepped directly on a crack. He was twenty-three years old and it was time to grow up. It felt good, a load off, […]

I spent sec­onds shar­ing the stage with him in my minor role, hours in the dark­ened wings watch­ing him per­form in the light. He came from Switzerland. He spoke at […]

Dear Cousin , I miss you very much. My life now has pur­pose, but your absence con­tin­ues to be so very hard to accept. I know things are just like the song […]

There were once a girl and a boy who lay on a hill of gravel kiss­ing until their lips were raw. Kissing was the best thing that had ever hap­pened to the boy […]

The Dahlberg Repercussions   The woman on the sub­way looked like my mother so I sat down next to her and said you look like my mother. 

Home is Where the Heart Is   Mary Beth Strictly speak­ing, as a licensed prac­ti­cal nurse (LPN), it is not my job to man­age the table décor, but I do it because I’m […]

Migraines for Hegel   You have never known love until your intro­duc­tion to struc­tural­ism.

What It Said   I texted my mother the night before that I’d be at the house not too late and not too early. Cut from the dark sky bled a pas­tel pink […]

Burning Mountains   There was a space sta­tion on the news that sum­mer and some men­tion of the moons of Jupiter and the aster­oid belt. 

Two Pieces   The Space Between: A Meditation My brain works in spurts: There are two hemi­spheres and a space between. The space between is filled with synapses, junc­tions that jump from […]