Spring 2015

2010-01-26 02.28.41Curated/edited by Jared Hegwood, the Spring number starts now, including work from Andy Plattner, Alex Higley, Erin Armstrong, Nellie Aberdeen, Paul Luikart, P.J.Underwood, and Tracie Dawson, among others. Please stayed tuned.

Winter 2015

We have begun to assemble the Winter 2015 issue under the watchful eye of Associate Editor Elizabeth Wagner. We will be reading and adding work for this issue through March 2015, so please keep us in mind for your submissions. Click here to view the work in progress.


Fall Issue


We’ve expanded the fall issue and will continue adding material through December 2014. The issue is selected and edited by Pia Ehrhardt, author of Famous Fathers (MacAdam/Cage, 2007). Her work has also appeared in Narrative MagazineMcSweeney’s and The Mississippi Review, and she was previously a Guest Editor at Guernica Magazine.

FALL 2014

New Issue


Click Summer 2014 or use the main menu. Note that we continue to read new material for the issue–fiction, poetry, nonfiction, anything else, whatever you have, short or long, so long as charming and brilliant–and we invite/encourage submissions.

Robert Shapard

A Note on Flash Fiction

A wonderfully short essay on the history of very short fiction. Must reading for all. Ed.

I like Jane Ciabattari’s piece, “The World Wide Web at 25: Changing Literature Forever.” It’s fun and informative—but she does make the mistake that so many people these days do, understandably. She assumes the Internet has caused the short story form to grow ever shorter with a flood of micro and flash fiction. It’s much truer to say the Internet has reflected the trend.

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