Month: April 2011

Kim Herzinger Feature

A wonderful new story by Kim [...]

Lori Ostlund Feature

We're pleased to publish today a short feature on Lori Ostlund, including a wonderful story and a short interview. Please look on the FEATURES page or just [...]

Kelly Renick

I just wish you didn’t feel the need You are mostly silent but when you do speak you take that tone with me. My bones break easily. You see me as [...]


iPad users might see BLIP in the Onswipe magazine theme, specially set for tablets. We're just trying it out at the moment so it gets turned on and [...]

Matt Salesses

Opposite of Succubus? The Asian girl was a graphic designer. I stole her ideas when I could. She said she gave them to me. She had a thing about gifts. You [...]

One hundred words

  We're looking for 100-200 word pieces of fiction, nonfiction, or other, key element that they be interesting and not run-of-mill fare.  If [...]

Julia Johnson

Transparent Horse (I) Equine anatomy fills the room, a muzzle at the edge of the rug, its pastern between the coronet and fetlock, you are happy it is [...]

Nicholas Cook

— unused fragment It crossed my mind, this one’s viewpoint, but he has dry hands, bony wrists. He drinks tomato juice from a paper cup. I sip on my [...]

Len Kuntz

Ancient “What’s the matter with you?” she asks. Years ago I had a lot of time and would answer such idiotic questions.  She was thin then, and used [...]

Jane Armstrong

Gri-Gri Early in our association, the Warrior Poet said, “I’m a warrior poet.  Before I walk into a place, I look around to make sure I can kill everyone [...]