Frances Lefkowitz

Buckling, Gasping, and Dead

The trick to falling is to do it in the up direc­tion, betray­ing grav­i­ty but fol­low­ing the wind. Try it six times, in a hur­ry, as if you were pour­ing cof­fee from the unsta­ble top step of a lad­der, the musky smell of clove and skunk ris­ing back toward you in a splash. If you fail, don’t wor­ry. Some would con­sid­er you lucky and pure, as you are unable to part­ner with the dev­il. Whales and fish, of –more

Chloe Poizat Feature

We are delight­ed to present a devel­op­ing fea­ture show­ing the work of French artist and illus­tra­tor Chloe Poizat. We’re begin­ning with just a few images, but hope to have more in the near future.  Click on the FEATURES link above or go direct­ly to the page here.

An Important Note from Meg Pokrass

I can’t sleep because it is not nec­es­sary, a bath won’t help, I have a bath but it is not one I will use and last week he did not have any prob­lems and also the sound of the ocean pleas­es me; can’t sleep because under is a sub-con­ti­nent, a cap­tain who knows it and part of the dark house believes there is anoth­er way around, I will find this, jump and attack from above but real­ly I can’t sleep because –more