Tiff Holland

A Pool in February

From this angle it appears absolute­ly dead,” said Levon. He was look­ing at the legs, the cow stiff in the pool as if it were doing the dead man’s float. He walked around the body slow­ly. Steam still rose from it. It hadn’t been dead long.


Bonnie ZoBell

The Pep

Saul’s tra­di­tion in the 80s, going to the new Peppermint Lounge on 45th, turned rit­u­al once he met the wait­ress with the spark­ly cleav­age, her oral cav­i­ty the most las­civ­i­ous thing he’d ever made it with, which he did every chance he got on those Friday nights, behind the stage door, in the kitchen, the walk-in freez­er, and she was groov­ing on it too until one day he got stub­born and want­ed to –more

Olufemi Terry Feature

We’re delight­ed to fea­ture a new sto­ry by Olufemi Terry, whose short sto­ry “Stickfighting Days” won the 2010 Caine Prize for African Writing. See our FEATURES page or go direct­ly to Dark Triad.

Call for Submissions

Our next issue is sched­uled for July 2011.  This will be a spe­cial issue of fic­tion and non­fic­tion pieces 1000 words or less, edit­ed by fic­tion writer and essay­ist Jane Armstrong, James Whorton, Jr., Frederick Barthelme & friends. Submissions open May 1, 2011 and close June 15, 2011.  Send sub­mis­sions only between those dates to blip­magazine. The –more