Month: June 2011

Jeff Landon Feature

Today we have for you three stories by Jeff Landon and a short interview with the author. Check the FEATURES page or go directly to [...]

Tiff Holland

A Pool in February “From this angle it appears absolutely dead,” said Levon. He was looking at the legs, the cow stiff in the pool as if it were doing [...]

Bonnie ZoBell

The Pep Saul's tradition in the 80s, going to the new Peppermint Lounge on 45th, turned ritual once he met the waitress with the sparkly cleavage, her oral [...]

George Singleton Feature

Added today a feature story by George Singleton along with an interview conducted by Meg Pokrass and Jim Whorton. See FEATURES above or go directly to Gripe [...]

Olufemi Terry Feature

We're delighted to feature a new story by Olufemi Terry, whose short story “Stickfighting Days” won the 2010 Caine Prize for African Writing. See our [...]

Call for Submissions

Our next issue is scheduled for July 2011.  This will be a special issue of fiction and nonfiction pieces 1000 words or less, edited by fiction writer [...]