Blip Magazine ebook

The sum­mer issue of Blip Magazine is now avail­able on Smashwords as an ebook called Blip Reader 2.3. It is sell­ing for $1.99 and is avail­able in all ebook for­mats (Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc.). Soon it should be avail­able at B&N, Amazon, iBookstore, and oth­ers. This may be a dubi­ous achieve­ment; we are not sure.

Dorianne Laux


When I was young and had to rise at 5 am
I did not look at the lamp­light slic­ing
through the blinds and say: Once again
I have sur­vived the night.  I did not raise
my two hands to my face and whis­per:
This is the mir­a­cle of my flesh.  I walked
toward the cold water wait­ing to be released
and turned the tap so I could lis­ten to it
thrash through –more

Accepting submissions for fall

We invite sub­mis­sions of 500‑3000 words, fic­tion and non­fic­tion, for the fall issue of Blip Magazine. Submissions should be sent as MSWord files (doc or docx) attached to an e-mail with a short bio. You may also include your text direct­ly in the e-mail. Submissions close on or about Sept. 21, 2011. Please send your work to –more