Month: August 2011

Blip Magazine ebook

The summer issue of Blip Magazine is now available on Smashwords as an ebook called Blip Reader 2.3. It is selling for $1.99 and is available in all ebook [...]

Dorianne Laux

Waitress When I was young and had to rise at 5 am I did not look at the lamplight slicing through the blinds and say: Once again I have survived the [...]

Accepting submissions for fall

We invite submissions of 500-3000 words, fiction and nonfiction, for the fall issue of Blip Magazine. Submissions should be sent as MSWord files (doc or docx) [...]

James Whorton Jr. Feature

We're pleased to feature an excerpt from James Whorton's new novel Angela Sloan, just published by Free Press. Check the Features page above or go straight to [...]

Two sites you will want to visit

Jacinda Russell's Something Between Want and Desire Jacinda Russell's & Nancy Douthey's In Search of the [...]