Meg Pokrass ~ Others Of Similar Dimension

Sitting beside a suf­fer­ing, hyper­ven­ti­lat­ing zebra (real­ly a horse with stripes) was not new to the women in my fam­i­ly. My moth­er had expe­ri­enced it, as had my grand­moth­er and my grandmother’s grand­moth­er. Now it was my turn

For every pot there is a lid,” my moth­er said before she died. Nobody knew why she said it or why only females cried.

Here it was again, a life and death moment in the ani­mal –more

Mary Grimm Feature

We’ve just put up a new sec­tion of a new nov­el from Mary Grimm along with an inter­view in which Mary talks about pub­lish­ing on the Web, e-books, and oth­er top­ics that might be of inter­est to our read­ers. Click the fol­low­ing link to vis­it Mary Grimm.

Michael Czyzniejewski

I still don’t love you; my arm fell off.

I see my ex at the gro­cery, peck­ing at fruit, those new mini-water­mel­ons. I catch the back of her head, her red hair, from the auto­mat­ic doors, her pur­ple tee from two years ago’s 5K for dys­tro­phy. One change: Her left arm is gone, the short sleeve tied into a knot at the shoul­der. 

Best of Net

Congratulations to Dorianne Laux and George Singleton both of whom have had work from New World Writing select­ed for inclu­sion in the new edi­tion of Best of the Net, due out soon from Sundress Publications.