Mary Miller

I Won’t Get Lost

On the bus, the guy wants to know where he should go tonight. He’s in from San Diego, sleep­ing on a stranger’s couch. The strangers are at work and he’s wan­der­ing the city by him­self.

I explain the dif­fer­ence between East and West 6th—hipster ver­sus drunk­en col­lege stu­dent, old­er ver­sus maybe under­age.

I hear the East Side’s dan­ger­ous, he says.

Kim Adrian ~ Last Cookies

To make last cook­ies, you first must make not-last cookies—Chocolate-Almond Biscotti, packed in a large tea tin. These you must give to your father to give to his sis­ter at Christmastime, his sis­ter hav­ing stayed home in New York City, as she was too ill to vis­it Boston for the hol­i­day.

Of course, you can’t go so far as to call this a batch of “every­day” cook­ies, because your aunt is so sick, –more

A Note to Contributors

Recently some folks have object­ed to hav­ing their work turned down via form let­ter. We regret that this is a nec­es­sary expe­di­ent, but there it is. We want to alert all authors who may be sub­mit­ting work to BLIP that it is our stan­dard prac­tice to noti­fy con­trib­u­tors whose work we are not using via this mech­a­nism. If one of our edi­tors knows an author per­son­al­ly, there may be an added per­son­al note, –more

Crisis of Registration

Lots of crap pho­ny reg­is­tra­tions have befall­en us & so we have erased all reg­is­tra­tions and stopped reg­is­ter­ing folk. Taking the ball by the horns.  Please for­give if you were a gen­uine reg­is­trant and were erased. Means noth­ing. Personal.