Paul Lisicky

Two Pieces


Neera hat­ed the Triangle. She hat­ed the Downward Dog, the Warrior II, and the Eagle. She hat­ed the Lotus. She espe­cial­ly hat­ed the Lotus, and the way the teacher, Hans, kept talk­ing about posi­tion­ing the ass. The word ass came up so many times dur­ing the hour long class that her leg start­ed shak­ing halfway through. She did not want to think of blond Hans’ ass, and what he did with it, any more –more

Robert Lopez

Four Shorts

Now I Am Doubled Over

Allow me to say a few words, he says, and then he says, peo­ple think back­wards. I say to the per­son next to me, I can’t believe we’ve allowed this to go on and the per­son next to me says, I don’t know what you mean. At this point I’m livid, I am beside myself. I think about start­ing a fire or set­ting off an explo­sive but I don’t because that’s not a nice thing to do on a Sunday morn­ing –more