Elizabeth Wagner

2011-04-13 18.08.45Lake Resort

Almost fif­teen years ago, Lane bought a lake resort with her sis­ter, Elsa. It was a wild thing to do. It was the sort of thing you did when the world was blar­ing around you, when every­thing seemed too real and impos­si­ble any­way and dan­ger was famil­iar enough that you were tired of being afraid of it. Maybe some peo­ple would do drugs or cut off all their hair or go out danc­ing and bring home a stranger. –more

Frances Lefkowitz

Three Pieces

A Red, Red Rose

When you shiv­er in heels, there is always the chance that you will fall in a hur­ry. I would like to learn the trick to not turn­ing to con­fet­ti when dressed up. Until that time, which will no doubt be nev­er, I will stick with these extreme­ly unprovoca­tive crêpe-soled shoes designed to pre­vent roman­tic encoun­ters; they work, essen­tial­ly, like hel­mets for the entire body (and soul, what­ev­er that is). –more

Beth Gylys

Three Poems

On Birds, Women and Fire

The goldfinch needs fire,
the cold slip of her flicks past
as sound­less as a thought
lost to a ques­tion.  But you,
you need water.

Sowmya Santanam ~ Coovum River

I had lived all my life in the city but nev­er paid much atten­tion to the riv­er. I always thought Coovum was the Tamil word for sew­er, until I met him. The fetid, repul­sive stench was all that came to my mind at the men­tion of the riv­er. But, his face lit up every time he spoke about the Coovum riv­er; how it carved its way through the crammed city and –more