Fall Issue

We’re pleased to have our Associate Editor Kim Chinquee select­ing and edit­ing the Fall 2015 issue of New World Writing. Kim has already tak­en sev­er­al pieces and will be read­ing through the mid­dle of December at least, so keep the work com­ing. To read the first few pieces click Fall 2015 here or in the main menu above.

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

I Wanted To Sit Closer

On a cold morn­ing in January, my father showed up on our front porch. He said he was in town for a hair­cut; there was a salon he and his sec­ond wife went to in Bucktown, a neigh­bor­hood that hadn’t flood­ed. My hus­band and son and I had just returned to New Orleans to live togeth­er again under one roof.

Sara C. Thomason

The Knowledge Center

In Kuwait, me and Mark go to work with Mom.  Every night at six, she brings us to class so we can watch her teach English to young busi­ness­men.  She likes the fact that she’s in charge of the con­fer­ence room.  The Arabs have to keep their eyes on Mom or she’ll kick them out, and Mark thinks that’s fun­ny.  I’m the oppo­site.  I don’t like the way they stare at her when she sucks on –more

About the Fall 2015 Issue


We are pleased to report that Kim Chinquee, author of Oh, Baby and Pretty, and par­tic­u­lar­ly well known for her exquis­ite flash fic­tions, will be edit­ing the Fall 2015 issue of NWW. We are accept­ing sub­mis­sions now at our Submittable site, reach­able through the link in the top menu.