Month: November 2015

Susan Henderson

Cold Hands from a novel in progress Most who pass by this stretch of highway don’t notice there’s a town here.  Their eyes glaze over the flat, yellow [...]

Kathy Fish

Giant   The babysitter sets a plate of pancakes in front of the boy. She's eighteen and wearing a short nightie. Fingers of sun stretch across her [...]

Pamela Painter

Three Stories   Appearances and Disappearances George General patiently explained it to his pretty blonde wife:  how the sun instead of setting this [...]

Glen Pourciau

Altitude   Worst part of work is the meetings, ask anybody, and I always seem to find myself in one of them with my colleague with the mile-high view.  [...]

Clancy Martin

Bad Sex, Part Two   ONE: “I want you to try on engagement rings,” Eduard said. “Just for fun.” We were in San Salvador. He’d found us a [...]