Susan Henderson

Cold Hands

from a nov­el in progress

Most who pass by this stretch of high­way don’t notice there’s a town here.  Their eyes glaze over the flat, yel­low land of Central Montana that goes on and on. The only land­mark tall enough to see from the road is the vacant grain ele­va­tor, where the local kids like to play. But just as its sil­ver tow­er comes into view, the a.m. radio los­es its sig­nal. They look down –more

Kathy Fish


The babysit­ter sets a plate of pan­cakes in front of the boy. She’s eigh­teen and wear­ing a short night­ie. Fingers of sun stretch across her freck­led face.

Pamela Painter

Three Stories

Appearances and Disappearances

George General patient­ly explained it to his pret­ty blonde wife:  how the sun instead of set­ting this evening had turned right around and rose with the full moon.  He was quite sure it hadn’t hap­pened before.  Never? she want­ed to know but only in a desul­to­ry way. 

Glen Pourciau


Worst part of work is the meet­ings, ask any­body, and I always seem to find myself in one of them with my col­league with the mile-high view.  If he’s not try­ing to edu­cate us he’s try­ing to sell us some­thing, main­ly the wis­dom of his ele­vat­ed view­point.  I don’t know why he wastes his time on us when it’s obvi­ous he believes we’ll nev­er scale the men­tal heights nec­es­sary –more

Clancy Martin

Bad Sex, Part Two


I want you to try on engage­ment rings,” Eduard said. “Just for fun.”

We were in San Salvador. He’d found us a hotel with a beach we could walk on. We woke ear­ly and walked along the beach for more than an hour. We climbed a hill cov­ered with vines and on the oth­er side there was a sea cave. We took off our shoes and our clothes and put them on a high rock and swam naked. We –more