Month: December 2015

Paul Lisicky

Four More Stories   MRS. TONNAGE These three AM robins who go quiet by six as if all that singing sends them back to sleep! And the sounds during [...]

Terese Svoboda

Niagara   The husband isn't breathing beside me or else the bright snow falling at that angle against the windshield obliterating his chest heave and [...]



Paul Lisicky

Four Stories   HIS TERRIBLE FEELINGS Whenever he felt dead to his painting, Theodore went shopping. Not down the street, but out where the grass [...]

Dave Newman

Juleen   Juleen wants to punch Max in the face. [...]

Avital Gad-Cykman

Confinement   She wakes to the sound of beating wings and a bitter wind formed by darkness. She is late, still tied to a dream about missing him at a bus [...]