Month: January 2016

Duffie Taylor

Six Pieces  LYDIA He pushed the flowers into the folds of my apron. Keep walking, he said. Keep walking. So I walked. Then he said, You will lose all your [...]

Sandra Kolankiewicz

Skating at Mill Pond   Sometimes we don’t want to know, frequency so low we can’t arrive.  Gratitude is a stone in the pocket to remind you to [...]

Beth Alvarado

Maldiciones   When I opened my front door to let the detective in, I saw them immediately. They were hanging around her, some right there on the front [...]

Michele Maron

Fortune Cookie   Portions of her memory slipped through a dark hole. She knew who I was, but just random facts about our history together. She knew we [...]

Alex McElroy

People Inside of People Hamburg Martin didn’t want to leave home. But his wife had asked for divorce. He considered the end of his marriage as proof that [...]

Becky Hagenston

Priscilla   Both of their hearts were broken, and they had the same scars slicing their chests in perfect halves. They met in the cardiac ward. Lana had [...]

P.J. Underwood

Waterfront   Gorillahead hates his name, calls it an aberration, but says the situation is too far gone, a nickname that sticks, given by idiots. He [...]

Lydia Copeland Gwyn

All the Baby's Air   In our Family Life class we’d all shared a table and watched Ms. Felton from Planned Parenthood unroll a condom onto a wooden [...]

Tiff Holland

Gargoyle   When it rained we put pots on the burners and made [...]

Ed Taylor

Rumplestiltskin   Someone here to see you, an intern had said, raising his eyebrows and lifting his arms to make a shark mouth, biting.  Now that [...]

Kevin McIlvoy

All of the stones all at the same time   The client scratched at paste clotted in his hair. The client was in a car. The client’s car was in a car [...]

Susan Hubbard

You Who Never Arrived   And sometimes, in a shop, the mirrors were still dizzy with your presence and, startled, gave back my too-sudden image . . . [...]

Robley Wilson

Three Stories   TERRORISM The first time she has the dream, it seems perfectly plausible—substantial and factual, with all its details [...]

Jana Martin

Your Sunny Day   My smart foodie boyfriend Hans and I were working side by side in his uncle’s Williamsburg restaurant — Das Lokal with a k — a [...]

Kevin Canty

The Whore of Manzanita   Spring is hard in Manzanita. The sun comes out, the flowers bloom, the grass turns bright green, then a storm blows in off the [...]