Month: March 2016

Fae Dremock ~ The Flyover

Ann smelled the elephant before she saw it. Then a mud-grey foot swung past and just ahead, landing to her left. The drover passed, and the tail of the [...]

Ann Colley ~ Seed-Time

Excerpt from The Odyssey and Dr. Novak There are in our existence spots of time, Which with distinct preeminence retain A renovating Virtue [...]

Jeff Ewing ~ The Ramp

Kepler made a decision. He looked up from the sidewalk and stepped directly on a crack. He was twenty-three years old and it was time to grow up. It felt [...]

Mary Akers ~ Saying the Name

I spent seconds sharing the stage with him in my minor role, hours in the darkened wings watching him perform in the light. He came from Switzerland. He spoke [...]

Emily Pettit ~ Dear Cousin

Dear Cousin , I miss you very much. My life now has purpose, but your absence continues to be so very hard to accept. I know things are just like the song [...]

Paul Myette ~ Day Drinking at the Harris Suites

from a novel in progress The Harris Suites crumbled slowly on the back strip of Virginia Beach. Alex paused and looked up at the bleached yellow paint [...]

Kathleen McGookey ~ Three Short Pieces

My Anger Tours the State [...]

Samuel Ligon ~ The Little Goat

There were once a girl and a boy who lay on a hill of gravel kissing until their lips were raw. Kissing was the best thing that had ever happened to the boy [...]