Month: April 2016

Aaron Brand ~ Three Poems

Bus Poem 4   Just out of Cheyenne, a Greyhound keeps pace with a VW Bug, yellow, this girl's suitcase down below, full of matches, bubblegum, pink [...]

Gail Louise Siegel ~ Betrayed

The harp sits in the corner gathering dust, ever since Petra’s dog Maisy got spooked by rustling in the cornfield. A possum? A snake? Petra had reached [...]

Tiff Holland ~ Candy Striper

Mom had already signed me up to be a candy striper by the time she and O’Toole picked me up at Robinson Memorial. “You need to think about those less [...]

Pamela Painter ~ Off Stage

The first day of Playwriting 320, I open the door to the classroom and nod hello to fourteen students with expectant faces, weird garb, new tattoos. Earlier [...]