Month: May 2016

Zachary C. Solomon ~ Old Country

It was sort of surreal the way the whole thing unfolded. We picked up Grandma and Grandpa in Mom’s Honda Odyssey. Grandpa was wearing a plaid short-sleeved [...]

Girija Tropp ~ 3 Fictions

HANGNAIL My ex came for three weeks and his leaving is overdue so I am going to move but I plan to look out for him and maybe keep my name on this lease [...]

Andrew James Weatherhead ~ Shipping and Handling

Charlotte doesn’t speak Spanish. She took two years of French in high school and, because she thought it would be funny, a year of Latvian in college to [...]

Glen Pourciau ~ Table

We’d planned to have dinner with the Hardaways at a restaurant we’d never been to, a popular new fish place.  They had been there a number of times [...]

Stefanie Freele ~ Well-Dressed Executives

Around the white tablecloth: men in suits with cufflinks. They order Up Olive, Dry, On the rocks. The waiters, many of them students, keep to the periphery, [...]

Maddie Clevenstine ~ There Was Something Growing

The woman learned she couldn’t have children. Her doctor said he was very sorry to tell her this, and patted her knee, and looked at her thoughtfully, like [...]

David Ryan ~ Barcarole

You worry about the eye, the microphone in it that gathers and transmits daughter sounds. Her infant coos, the soft rustle, cry, unrecoverable gasp—the dread [...]

Susan Henderson ~ Fish with Bent Fins

I’ve been on the front porch looking for my son since the first dark clouds moved in. Mikey’s always been afraid of storms. And now here he comes, making [...]

Jessica Alexander ~ The Bear at the Door

When the bell rings and the bear pulls Henry through the door and off the stoop, I know it is not me that has been taken because Henry and I don’t [...]

Kerri Quinn ~ Rico

I leave a note for my husband, Robert, on the kitchen counter next to the latest issue of his subscription to Popular Mechanics. The note says I know he’s [...]

Merran Jones ~ Curls

“Great hair!” “Thanks.” The standard exchange between Carla and any health shop girl. Girls with names like Jasmine or Skye or Willow. Girls who [...]

Lydia Copeland Gwyn ~ Half Moon

It was morning, and the day was white and soft with a low fog that had started the night before in the treetops and slowly shrugged to the ground. Our [...]