Month: June 2016

Michael Holladay ~ Retroactive

Before Jake went to Hideaway Lounge, he assessed himself in his bathroom mirror to see if he’d measure up to the younger men. He stared at the top of his [...]

Andrew Morgan ~ Services

I am not the dancer with her left foot somehow wedged against the rail. Not the dancer then or eighteen minutes prior as she dashed crying from a building [...]

John Holman ~ Vacation

I got to Dexter’s house about 6:00 on a warm Saturday October evening. His wife Olivia opened the door wearing red Capri pants that looked new, and a white [...]

Christopher James ~ All I Need Now is One Enormous Bowl to Catch Them Together

The villa has small lizards, tokay geckos. Beads for eyes, ghost jade skin, distinctive squawks. At first they were cute, until a couple fell on us during the [...]

Mel Bosworth ~ Days Not His

I stood in the parking lot of Rudy’s Oil. I hadn’t been to Five Streams since I was a kid. The sky was thin and gray and the air smelled like ice which to [...]

Ron Padgett ~ And Truly

We use italics to put electricity into words. Then we plug lamps into the words. That’s how we light our [...]

Michael Putnam ~ Sharing Space

Since the blindfold outside of Maude’s Crab Castle, everything had been darkness and pain. In the parking lot, a brusque hand forced him into a trunk [...]