Month: July 2016

Kevin Matz ~ Mayonnaise

for Mike Madonick On the recommendation of a colleague of mine, who says my work lacks variety, I am going to attempt to describe, of all things, a jar of [...]

Lucinda Kempe ~ Brown Sparrow

Brown Sparrow was asleep in a linden tree when the first suicide bomber blew up. The two following implosions shook her body. She didn’t pause to breathe [...]

Avital Gad-Cykman ~ To Catch Her

Through the heavy rain hitting my window ledge, we see her balance on the tightrope, her arms rowing in the air. She would give her life for her art, we [...]

Gary Percesepe ~ Raptors

The Republicans started their convention in Cleveland, Ohio today. The TV is on with the sound muted, and I’ve raised the blinds to look out the window at [...]

Nelly Zann ~ I Turn My Music Loud

My mother leaves a tense message on my phone. “I need you here tomorrow. I’m out of pads.” I live ninety miles away in New Orleans but I’m on [...]

Girija Tropp ~ Once I Was Honey

I want to commit the details of this winter to memory and next year I will be able to figure out small differences. All around where I sit at the bar, this [...]

Kathy Fish ~ Imagine Your Daughter Is a Cherry Red Convertible

The body is a temple and Sundays are for rest. If only you worked hard. Enjoy food but don't overindulge. Trim your nails and keep them scrupulously clean. [...]

Paige Clark ~ Dead Summer

The year my mother dies, my boyfriend catches me jumping out of the window of our house. We live on the first floor. He stands in the yard with his arms folded [...]