Month: August 2016

T.L. Sherwood ~ Birth Control

The radio was tuned to the local NPR station so they didn’t have to talk. Tara was glad because each time she thought of something to say, it began with, [...]

Pierre L’Grommet ~ Letter to My Doctor

Dear Dr. Hanson, Nurse Cache and Lisa: I just wanted to write this note thanking you all for working these many years to keep me upright and nominally [...]

Melissa Goode ~ All Roads Lead to the Met

Elise awoke thinking about lighthouses and safe harbors, or lighthouses not indicating safe harbors. It must have come from a poem. Louise Glück? She tried to [...]

Greg Bottoms ~ The Dropout

1 Death by cop is a more common form of attempted suicide than I would have guessed before I became a crime reporter. Among the poor, the desperate, the [...]