Month: November 2016

Tamara Burross-Grisanti ~ Four Stories

Broken Cakes Autumn is my burden. My mornings come mid-afternoon. I crawl out of bed by the light between the purple velvet curtains from my failed [...]

Sheldon Lee Compton ~ After Watching Ido Mizrahy’s Film Gored — July 9, 2015

I couldn’t really say why I hadn’t killed the bull. Not right away, when everyone kept asking. I struck at it several times in the exact spot I should, but [...]

Sandra Kolankiewicz ~ Two Poems

Before the Desert   Before the desert, I shook trees for you, beat bushes, traveled far and wide, high and low, both inside and out through the [...]

Gail Louise Siegel ~ As Vulnerable As We Are

Far above: a jet descends. As if pulled by an invisible hand behind a magnetic game board. Gods play with car and boat and plane-shaped pawns from the other [...]