Month: December 2016

Charles Rafferty ~ The Light Made Everything Harder to See

Tommy was on his way to the 7-Eleven to buy condoms. He had offered to use Saran Wrap and a rubber band, but Sheila wasn't game. They had just met and they had [...]

Randall Brown & Pamela Painter ~ Two Pieces

& Pamela Painter ~ Two Pieces">
Battle Her orange dress and the butterfly hat and the edge of woods. She is saying she built a fort and I am yelling out my window that I’m not allowed out [...]

Joan Wilking ~ Neuropathy Trilogy

Neuropathy Push the right button and my toes go numb, sometimes at home, sometimes in the car while waiting at a stop sign. I wish I had x-ray eyes to look [...]

Glen Pourciau ~ Stretcher

Early evening on a Friday, wine and cheese time at the inn where we checked in only an hour ago, and we’re seated just outside the door to the serving area, [...]