Month: January 2017

Edward Hardy ~ Apology #9: Not About The Toaster

I’m typing here because Larry the electrician has just—and I know it’s Larry because can I see his lean bearded figure through the upstairs office window [...]

David Gilbert ~ A Life in Photos

1 She demanded an explanation.  At the photographer’s request, she stood next to him and smiled at the camera until it flashed but she was not in the [...]

Craig Fishbane ~ The New Kids

It was not surprising that Tomás and Julio were having another argument. Ever since Shukura had left last month, most of the students were on edge. All of our [...]

Gary Percesepe ~ Transition

January 2, 2017 I was telling Joelle I was almost finished reading her memoirs. I’d been reading them side by side, an odd way to read, sort of like an [...]

Lucinda Kempe ~ Platooning

The damn cat has disappeared again. Truth is, I’d turned the hose on him as I was cleaning the cat box outside during a spell of warmer weather. “Get [...]