Month: February 2017

Elizabeth Schmidt ~ Wrists

He traces my wrists with his hands like he doesn’t know I’m afraid of wrists. I’ve told him. They feel sensitive while his hands hover there before I’m [...]

Parker Tettleton ~ Four Pieces

I’ll Always Hear From Me On the blue line today I was trying to feel every one of the fifty-nine degrees—I took turns looking at the stop-start freeway, [...]

Avital Gad-Cykman ~ Babies

When the parrot went missing, I put my hat on, took my father-in-law’s Peruvian cane with the carved parrot, asked my husband to come home, placed his skates [...]

Eric Pankey ~ Four Poems

MEDITATION AT RIO DEVA How to distinguish a trick Of the eye From wind in a chestnut Or waking from dream Where boundaries Dissolve and give [...]

Jeff Friedman ~ Three Prose Poems

Elijah   I leave my aroma, strong enough to put out the lights or clear a room, to Cassie, my vegan lover, who can use it to protect her patch of [...]

Claire Polders ~ Four Micro Fictions

  Specialties On the terrace across the street below the elms in fickle light, you eat dishes that are neither here nor there. Facing the canal, you [...]