Month: March 2017

Joseph Pfister ~ Happy Hour

My neighbor, Tom, came to the door. Tom was in his forties, his only distinguishing feature a patch of blond in his otherwise dark hair. He and his wife had [...]

Kathy Fish ~ The Once Mighty Fergusons

One rocked himself to sleep every night, banging his head against the wall. One who'd been beaten for clogging the toilet, took to shitting behind the garage. [...]


To all involved in the Best Small Fictions 2017 contest. See results here. Couple of our folks [...]

Greg Bottoms ~ Skittles

1 At a Wawa gas station and minimart in Newport News, Virginia, a landscaper named Scott stood in line to buy a bottle of Gatorade. He had been working for [...]

Michelle Ross ~ Fish Story

Mrs. Lark is dying. I think it’s the children. They’re like an algal bloom polluting her water. What I know is that when I lived with her all those years [...]

Mary Lynn Reed ~ How to Let It All Go

You imagine a life in a small Midwestern town where you teach Calculus at the community college and buy sweet corn at the Farmer's Market on Thursdays in the [...]

Christopher James ~ Merapi Volcano

Americans, Meg thought, understood earthquakes. The earth moved. Los Angeles. Bridges collapsed. San Andreas. Your best China falling, standing between door [...]

Lisa Levchuk ~ No Man’s Land

The first group of women who invited me into their regular game were from the B team. The club had two competitive teams, but they stayed very separate. The B [...]

Lydia Copeland Gwyn ~ Four New Stories

Tiny Doors   I stand with mosquitoes in my veil in the evening sun and speak words from some other time: of cathedrals and dances at the spring house, [...]