Month: November 2017

George Moore ~ Three Prose Poems

Drop City It was the middle of the night, or it wasn’t. Do you remember how that works? Now, the psychoactive drugs portrayed on each new series seem to be [...]

John F. Buckley ~ Notes at the End of the Thirteenth Baktun

I need to speak out about death and humanity, don’t I? The world ends in three hours. All I have is you, a limp carrot, and a change bucket on the kitchen [...]

Susan Thornton ~ Full Partner

Leslie squinted at the menu and willed her stomach to cooperate. She’d done her regular half hour on the stair master, and sat in the steam room for a good [...]

Rob Roensch ~ Come to Me and I Will Give You Rest

In the Carl’s Jr. parking lot across the street, two teenage boys in hanging-open red Carl’s Jr. shirts were arguing with a square woman who was standing [...]