Month: December 2017

Tamara Burross Grisanti ~ Four New Fictions

THE HEART IS A JUNK DRAWER Each second can be a new beginning. Let’s crawl into the back seat and make rough sense to each other. Read epistolary love [...]

Foster Trecost ~ Memories

He measured life in years and fifty-two had gone. Sometimes he thought, on a different scale, one driven by a number that valued richness and fulfillment, but [...]

Welcome to new Social Media Editor

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, writer Tamara Grisanti will be taking over all NWW social media activity, chiefly on Facebook and [...]

Susan Henderson ~  from The Flicker of Old Dreams

The White Sheet The dead come to me vulnerable, sharing their stories and secrets. Here is my scar. Touch it. Here is the roll of fat I always hid under [...]

Natalie Gerich Brabson ~ Office Visit

Mattie clutched her bag. She clutched her bag so hard her arms tensed and ached. Her bag was a sea foam green that she wanted to squeeze the color out of. The [...]

Shane Kowalski ~ Politeness

I was meeting the man who previously owned the house I now called home. After moving out of the house, almost immediately, his wife died of a brain aneurysm. [...]