Month: May 2018

Chelsea Voulgares ~ Hotbox

The tough girls stand in the bathroom, applying Lee press-on nails. Simone’s their leader, and she leans against the grey cinder block and hotboxes a slim [...]

Jeff Friedman ~ Bombs

Months ago, the bombs arrived in formation, hovering like blimps. At first, we thought they were participating in a military exercise, that they would be [...]

Peter Leight ~ Four Poems

Reciprocal We stay in the same room together, Vivien and I, even though the other rooms are empty.  I sit at the table, and she sits across from me, we [...]

John Mancini ~ No Future in Oysters

My father was an oysterman just like his father before him—and just like I would have become had things not turned out the way they did. By the end of the [...]

Parker Tettleton ~ Five Poems

RINF I’m opening another before I’m finishing, with no reliable internet, with a paperclip to up & down the zipper on my green coat, with you except [...]

Reilly Cundiff ~ Five Poems

Self-Portrait as a Turkey Vulture Must be some kind of man's vertigo- I'm Judy, I'm Madeleine, I'm Marilyn Monroe in a black bobbed wig. O Periphas, I've [...]

Gary Percesepe ~ Another Poem That’s Not About You

Carpenters hammer below the shaded window. I rise from bed, light a cigarette, and walk to the window. The stony street displays the stillness on which [...]

Karen Alpha ~ Kung Fu Love

My mother got me started on t’ai chi when I was a little kid, no more than five or six, I think.  We used to go together to her class on Thursday nights at [...]