Month: June 2018

Pam Uschuk ~ Poems

SOLAR ECLIPSE IN THE LAND OF SANDSTONE HOODOOS AND CRANES Between hoodoos and the ghosts of whooping cranes, day dies too soon. Secure in hogans, Dineh [...]

Nathan Dragon ~ What to Leave Behind

Sun came in through one half of a window—the other half was covered by a wardrobe that he used as a pantry.        ​Light through the uncovered [...]

Stephen Delaney ~ How to Tell a Word

When the older boys lob it, jeer it in the hallway between classes—voices that say “I’m joking” … “We get it” … “I’m untouchable” [...]

Andy Plattner ~ Selection

Julia needs a few things. It’s a Sunday morning and she’s been up for a few hours. Sugar, baguette, Chapstick. Her husband Bobby, who is closer to her [...]

Fiona Foster ~ Most Don’t, Then Some Do

The source of the accusation was a student who claimed the man had stolen her ideas for his last, most successful novel, stole them right out of her computer, [...]