Month: August 2018

Cathryn Hankla ~ Misdirection

      after Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Conjurer” Useless glasses perched on his nose, The thief gazes skyward in false supplication As he grabs the [...]

Justin Herrmann ~ Medical Condition – McMurdo Station, Antarctica

She watches him remove her clothes from hooks, fold them into a suitcase. The tapioca he brought from the galley, same beige as the plastic bowl, same as the [...]

Ron Burch ~ The Flies

The flies have invaded our country. They move, through the sky, as a mob, bunched together like plump dark grapes, black buzzing clouds so large they block the [...]

Tim Suermondt ~ Four Poems

GREATNESS AT TWO IN THE MORNING Writing a poem in the bathroom of an exceptionally small Paris apartment, so as not to wake my wife who’s sleeping well [...]

Gillian Walker ~ Community

Pete and Marg next door called emergency services because the bottom of their garden has fallen into the arroyo. “It’s all this heavy rain,” they say, [...]