Month: July 2019

James Robert Steelrails ~ Reason


Kim Magowan & Michelle Ross ~Abuse and Other Words My Mother and I Disagree About

& Michelle Ross ~Abuse and Other Words My Mother and I Disagree About">
My mother acts like the conflict between her and me is semantic, rather than due to her crappy parenting. For instance, when I try to talk to her about how [...]

Jose Hernandez Diaz ~ Three Flash Fictions

Mariachi in the City A Mariachi walked in the city in the middle of the day. He had a gold trumpet at his side. His Mariachi suit and sombrero were black [...]

Sandra Seaton ~ Home

Sunday dinner in Columbia, Tennessee: fried chicken, mixed greens— turnips, mustard, and spinach, pan-fried corn, twice milked then stirred with flour and [...]

David Galef ~ Three Flash Fictions

After the Orgy After the Sunday orgy, the men changed their shirts. The women changed their shoes. Man #1 swaggered all week. Woman #2 composed a [...]