Month: May 2020

Anon ~ Sometimes

Sometimes I stop reading a book, not because I do not like the book but because I like it far too much. There may be a sense that I resent the book having a [...]

Kim Magowan & Michelle Ross ~ Accountability Buddies

& Michelle Ross ~ Accountability Buddies">
When Donna brings home the exercise book from the library, her eight-year-old daughter Tess says of the bare-stomached woman on the book’s cover, “Sexy! [...]

Dawn Raffel ~ Three Micros

Aquarium “Think of it,” the mother said, “as if it were a secret, hidden city underwater.” “Think of it,” the mother said, “as if it were a [...]

Sandra Kolankiewicz ~ What Might Today

Certainly, I admired before I met you, a person who was doing what I could not imagine, and not for yourself but for others, the way animals adopt [...]

Mary Crawford ~ Memento Mori

My little sister heard about the monks who slept in coffins the better to understand life so she asked my brother to make her one. He took some lumber from a [...]

Gary Percesepe ~ This Era

This era will be remembered as our Vichy period, that shadowy era in France where the Nazi collaborators sought to blend in with the general population, but [...]