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Winter 2015

We have begun to assemble the Winter 2015 issue under the watchful eye of Associate Editor Elizabeth Wagner. We will be reading and adding work for this [...]

Fall Issue

We've expanded the fall issue and will continue adding material through December 2014. The issue is selected and edited by Pia Ehrhardt, author [...]

Late Summer Reading

We've added new things for the summer issue. JoAnna Novak's wonderful "Five Minutes with the Baby," Zvezdana Rashkovich's "How to Love a Man in Cairo," and [...]

Chloe Poizat

A gallery of images by the French illustrator Chloe [...]

Now Read This

Anne Gorrick Three Poems Will Clingan Disappeared Barbara Hamby Three Poems James Robison The Late Style Rupprecht Mayer Three Stories Mouse by [...]

New Issue

Click Summer 2014 or use the main menu. Note that we continue to read new material for the issue--fiction, poetry, nonfiction, anything else, whatever [...]

Robert Shapard

A Note on Flash Fiction A wonderfully short essay on the history of very short fiction. Must reading for all. Ed. I like Jane Ciabattari’s piece, “The [...]

Winter 2014

The Winter Issue features work by Bob Hicok, Gerald Fleming, Jennifer Pashley, Pia Ehrhardt, Jane Armstrong, Bobbie Ann Mason, Jeffrey Allen, Simeon Berry, [...]

Fall issue

The Fall 2013 issue of NWW is up with new work from Andy Plattner, Eric Pankey, Joe David Bellamy, Rose Hunter, Alfred Corn, Richard Mirabella. All that plus [...]

Gary Percesepe

Notes From Buffalo, August 9, 2013 On March 7, 1965, the Sheriff of Dallas County, Alabama threw one of the most famous punches in American history, on the [...]

James Whorton Jr.

Notes on Don Quixote, Volume One This morning a small possum was rescued by my wife from a swimming pool. He was a sad, wet, cold-looking creature with large, [...]

Jane Armstrong

Repurposing Your Big Box Before you begin, you must divest yourself of sentimental memories of your grand opening.  The parking lot was full, cars circling, [...]

Claudia Smith Chen

from Box City 1983, Houston, Texas. October­.  According to the Colonial Americans, this was the Hunter’s moon.  Trip found a big swath of velvet [...]

Elizabeth Wagner

Lake Resort Almost fifteen years ago, Lane bought a lake resort with her sister, Elsa. It was a wild thing to do. It was the sort of thing you did when the [...]

Frances Lefkowitz

Three Pieces A Red, Red Rose When you shiver in heels, there is always the chance that you will fall in a hurry. I would like to learn the trick to not [...]