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Katrina Denza ~ In These Dark Woods

The woman has walked this path circling the reservoir many times. She stays in a simple but sturdy cabin near the base of the mountain when she’s up from the [...]

Heather Sager ~ The Cool and the Lonely

I am writing about a man. When I check in on him, he is standing under an old-timey sign that reads LIQUOR. I wonder if he should wear his hair long, and then [...]

Michael Credico ~ Cataclysm

I am in a state of disappearance, back inside Ohio. I drove all night. The car stalled before I could ram it through the perimeter fence. The Great Lakes have [...]

Sheldon Lee Compton ~ Almost Alone in Dark Valleys

The Mark IV sits behind and just to the right of the Lodge Pin Hotel. I’m in the parking lot between the two, swaying a step to the right and then a step to [...]

Claire Guyton ~ SAT Question: The Moon

SAT Question: The Moon">
Four friends and co-workers, Jenny, Elissa, Mira, and Fran, are supposed to attend an important conference, which takes place in a town roughly a three-hour [...]

Lily Wang ~ Fields

1. Eddie sat down first. He had his legs straight out and his elbows down. He lowered the rest of his body and felt the moisture from the grass through the [...]

Billy Petersen ~ Sparks

A young father returns from the yard. He has planted two new pepper bushes, to replace the ones wasted by floodwaters. His spade unearthed a bone, a dirty [...]

Laurie Kaiser ~ Tulips

I yearn for a scrap of good news Like the city longs for tulips To finally raise their magnificent faces to the sun, Shining and twirling like beauty [...]

Gerald Fleming ~ Five Prose Poems

The Bastard and the Bishop Most of the city is underground—that’s how cold it is here, great galleries, complex, reinforced earthen walls, apartments [...]

Lucinda Kempe ~ Happy at Last

We shared DNA on a vegetable pork roll in the Metropolitan museum cafe. I washed it down with two Prelief. He inquired what was up with the pills. I didn’t [...]

Glen Pourciau ~ Sofa

Tired from shopping at the mall, my purse getting heavy, I took a rest on a new sofa near the up escalator.  A woman engaged with her smartphone sat at the [...]

Susan Nordmark ~ Two Flash Fictions

Half Whole His first Volkswagen was very beachy, its paint job faded blue almost to white, the interior stripped to bones. We had sex in the middle of the [...]

Peter Johnson ~ Pretty Girl

So you ask, “How could anyone so drop-dead gorgeous be afraid of mirrors?” I was like, I’m only seventeen and my face is a minefield of pimples (well, [...]

An Early Manifestation


Eric Bosse ~ Statuary

On the way home from the pharmacy, we drive through the shadow of the legendary college football stadium. Our son twists in his car seat for a better view of [...]