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Jordan Castro ~ Like an Animal Running

Standing, hunched, in his bedroom, he would plan to pack the bare essentials—one pair each of underwear and socks, one t-shirt for each day, one pair of [...]

Tommy Dean ~ Cotton Candy

Gavin, a middle school history teacher, stood in line at the supermarket, ducking his head, trying to go unnoticed. Though he only had a few items, he hated [...]

Kim Magowan ~ Daisy Chain

Gently, Dr. Sukimoto suggests it is time for Sharon to get her affairs in order. Dr. Sukimoto is her favorite oncologist. The flaps of hair on either side of [...]

Avital Gad-Cykman ~ This is When the Sun Spreads Cherry Bloody Spots

A country grows, waters its deserts, raises its children, cultivates trees, constructs cities, opens schools, equips hospitals, defends its borders, builds [...]

Girija Tropp ~ I Have Almost Forgotten the Taste of Fruit Loops

Pull the weeds, I hear my landlady say. She likes to give strict instructions to her man, so much so that I've been inspecting him from my kitchen window to [...]

Glen Pourciau ~ Three Fictions

Crosswalk I never see her anymore, but I remember what she said.  We were near the end of our second date, standing at a crosswalk.  On our first date, [...]

William R. Soldan ~ Flares

  Faces round a fire call back spinning wheels, pull up that throbbing glow, the hiss of dripping sulphur on a grade of crush run gravel. Fourth of [...]

Tiff Holland ~ Castling

I don’t remember how old I was. I think it was the summer between fifth and sixth grades. I don’t remember Tony going to Erwine Middle School, although [...]

Terrance Wedin ~ Three Short Pieces

Worms I took myself to the outdoor shopping center when the urges got really bad. The unwelcoming way they made you slide your car into a spot was just the [...]

Max Hipp ~ Tollbooth

The macabre scene looked like a Halloween prank to the toll taker. Then she saw the blood. – St. Petersburg Times, 2005 Manny is crossing 34th Street, [...]

John Oliver Hodges ~ Cabbage

I received The World’s Biggest Piece of Shit Award in 1990. My name was written on the award in fancy calligraphy. In front of the whole class, Mrs. Kerris, [...]

Dan Crawley ~ What Others Do About It

Theo sat in the tiny dining room next to the kitchen, trying to concentrate on a book he wanted to read for a long time now. In lieu of a dining set, there was [...]

Kathy Anderson ~ Airport Wine Bar

It was their own damn fault for daytime drinking. You don't wave wads of cash around in front of a woman who can't afford to buy the drug that keeps her alive [...]

Christie Wilson ~ Solvay 1927

The dining room, electric with the shifting of wool and the static that hums over the tables in the form of speculation and vibrating conversation, leans [...]

Andy Plattner ~ Library

Wayne knows that the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library downtown opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday-Saturday and never one minute earlier, not even when it’s raining and [...]