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Beth Gylys

Three Poems On Birds, Women and Fire The goldfinch needs fire, the cold slip of her flicks past as soundless as a thought lost to a question.  But [...]

Sowmya Santanam ~ Coovum River

I had lived all my life in the city but never paid much attention to the river. I always thought Coovum was the Tamil word for sewer, until I met him. The [...]

Summer issue

We're working hard to finish up the summer issue of NWW. Starting now we have several new pieces online, with more to [...]

Additions to Spring

Delighted to report that we've added a terrific new Jennifer Pashley story "Hearts" to the Spring issue, along with four wonderful pieces by Diane Kirsten [...]

Spring Issue 2013

We've published the Spring 2013 issue tonight, cleverly avoiding publishing it on April 1. The issue includes work by Baron Wormser, Peter Shippy, Sidney [...]

Ann Tashi Slater

Gypsy Cante Inside my mother’s closet it was cool and dim. Everything fell away: the sound of raised voices, closing doors. I’d breathe in the musky scent [...]

Paul Lisicky

Two Pieces CORPSE Neera hated the Triangle. She hated the Downward Dog, the Warrior II, and the Eagle. She hated the Lotus. She especially hated the Lotus, [...]

Robert Lopez

Four Shorts Now I Am Doubled Over Allow me to say a few words, he says, and then he says, people think backwards. I say to the person next to me, I can’t [...]

Winter 2013 Issue

We've gotten an early start with our Winter 2013 issue which you can find at the top of the column to the right. We want to thank particularly Denise Duhamel, [...]

Our Name Change

BlipMagazine has changed its name to New World Writing after the great literary magazine of the 1950's. They were, of course, thinking of world writing, [...]

Mary Miller

I Won't Get Lost On the bus, the guy wants to know where he should go tonight. He’s in from San Diego, sleeping on a stranger’s couch. The strangers are [...]

Kim Adrian ~ Last Cookies

To make last cookies, you first must make not-last cookies—Chocolate-Almond Biscotti, packed in a large tea tin. These you must give to your father to give [...]

A Note to Contributors

Recently some folks have objected to having their work turned down via form letter. We regret that this is a necessary expedient, but there it is. We want to [...]