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Crisis of Registration

Lots of crap phony registrations have befallen us & so we have erased all registrations and stopped registering folk. Taking the ball by the horns. [...]

Fall 2012 Issue

The new issue is online now, comprised mostly of pieces we've published since the Summer 2012 issue. We're featuring Robert Pawlowski, Bob Hicok, George [...]



Litquake: Masters of Flash

At Litquake 2012, San Francisco's literary festival, discover flash fiction with a sampler of readings from seven beloved authors and teachers of the [...]

Reading Submissions

We are reading fiction, nonfiction and poetry. If you’d like to submit, please follow the link below, leave a short bio note and anything else we might need [...]

Mississippi Review 30 Year Anthology

Our friends at Mississippi Review have published, under the fine editorial hand of Julia Mae Johnson, an anthology of thirty years of stories, poems, [...]

Meg Pokrass ~ Others Of Similar Dimension

Sitting beside a suffering, hyperventilating zebra (really a horse with stripes) was not new to the women in my family. My mother had experienced it, as had my [...]

Mary Grimm Feature

We've just put up a new section of a new novel from Mary Grimm along with an interview in which Mary talks about publishing on the Web, e-books, and other [...]

Michael Czyzniejewski

I still don’t love you; my arm fell off. I see my ex at the grocery, pecking at fruit, those new mini-watermelons. I catch the back of her head, her red [...]

Best of Net

Congratulations to Dorianne Laux and George Singleton both of whom have had work from New World Writing selected for inclusion in the new edition of Best of [...]

Sophie Rosenblum

Driftwood There’s no reason to call each other Tic and Tac, but we do just to keep up with that kind of childhood bond, the one formed accidently because [...]

Colter Cruthirds ~ You Can Live Forever in a Paradise on Earth

Julia knocked on the door and I answered in a pair of ratty blue jeans, holding a putter and three golf balls. She had a friend with her, a teenage boy, who [...]

Blip invites submissions

WE'RE READING NEW FICTION AND NONFICTION with an eye toward the April 2012 issue. If you'd like to submit, please follow the link below, leave a short bio [...]

Elizabeth Wagner

Self-Checkout The man behind her said, “Let me ask you a question,” but she didn’t turn to see what the question would be.  Something about what he [...]

Julie Odell

Whoa, Hey The mailman delivers the package on Tuesday. I rip open the small white Fed-ex envelope and a clear zip-lock sandwich bag falls out from between [...]