Gary Percesepe ~ An Interview with Roxana Robinson

Our Struggle: On the Experience of Reading Karl Ove Knaussgaard I read Book One of Karl Ove Knausgaard epic novel My Struggle in 2014, and was instantly hooked. In [...]

Andrew Stancek ~ The Sting on the Skin

The day after my thirteenth birthday chunks of ice bounced off the roofs, off the cars, off the sidewalk and I watched, overjoyed with the world. When I ran past empty thorn [...]

John Mancini ~ Not Expecting a Miracle

The hospital lobby was all cool air and I was sweating. Orderlies nipped by with bodies on gurneys, nurses behind, sneakers squeaking. Everyone but me knew just where to [...]

Thomas Cook ~ Four Micro Essays

PLENTY All night the shops on the 16th Street Promenade fill with neophyte promenaders. The dogs curl up on the green sleeping bags of their owners, and I can’t find a [...]

DS Levy ~ Talisman

DS Levy ~ Talisman">
When we first got married, someone gave us a plastic pink flamingo as a joke. We planted it in the front yard next to the barberry bushes. For a while, every time I pulled [...]

Joseph Grantham ~ Pharmacy

Kurt Vonnegut was reading Journey to the End of the Night when he wrote Slaughterhouse-Five. I’m on the bed, watching baseball. I think I have throat cancer. I shined a [...]

Eric Pankey ~ Two Poems

LANDSCAPE AS ELEGY Beneath the iron truss bridge, Shadows overlap and merge, Ride the deep creek’s moving surface. Sioux quartzite spires rise As palisades on [...]

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For the summer months, beginning at midnight tonight (CST) we won't accept submissions over 500 words. Manuscripts with a greater word count will be discarded. Why? We don't [...]

Pui Ying Wong ~ Three Poems

SCULPTURE COURTYARD The sun came out and dried the grass. I sat under a tree, eating an apple. “Time to be healed” the poet wrote. Stillness around me. Language of [...]

Meg Tuite ~ There’s No Tomorrow the Same As Yesterday

Mothers and fathers lean in doorways to keep anyone from forgetting them. What happens when a personality can’t find its way back? Let’s say I promise to look for myself [...]

Gary Percesepe ~ Another Crisis

Lester was lamenting the state of things we’d gotten ourselves into. “We’ve missed too many boats.” I could see his brain working overtime in there, like his skull was [...]

Katrina Denza ~ In These Dark Woods

The woman has walked this path circling the reservoir many times. She stays in a simple but sturdy cabin near the base of the mountain when she’s up from the city. Today [...]

Heather Sager ~ The Cool and the Lonely

I am writing about a man. When I check in on him, he is standing under an old-timey sign that reads LIQUOR. I wonder if he should wear his hair long, and then suddenly he [...]

Michael Credico ~ Cataclysm

I am in a state of disappearance, back inside Ohio. I drove all night. The car stalled before I could ram it through the perimeter fence. The Great Lakes have been cordoned [...]

Sheldon Lee Compton ~ Almost Alone in Dark Valleys

The Mark IV sits behind and just to the right of the Lodge Pin Hotel. I’m in the parking lot between the two, swaying a step to the right and then a step to the left. It’s [...]