Anna Mantzaris ~ The Arrival

They heard about the retreat cen­ter from a friend of a friend. They heard about it from an ex-cowork­er, an ex-lover, an ex-in-law. They liked the pho­tos on the web­site. They imag­ined them­selves sit­ting on the pret­ty lit­tle bench in the pret­ty lit­tle –more

Marc Tweed ~ Avunculus

The birds here sound like alarm clocks from the 1970s. I’m watch­ing two in particular—five if you count babies who sound more like key fobs. A Steller’s Jay har­ries a small­er bird guard­ing a nest. The Steller’s Jay crash­es through fir fronds, –more

Peter Krumbach ~ Five Pieces

The Word Problem Effect

When a rain­drop begins to descend from the height of one mile over York, Pennsylvania, it is four o’clock in the after­noon. The drop is gray blue, par­tial­ly magen­ta. At the same time in Lexington, Kentucky, train A leaves the sta­tion head­ing west. –more

Amanda McIlveen ~ Poems


Our tongues ring
like bells, your
fin­gers groan up
the back of my

We fill this
space with a
lot of things


your point­ed feet
the bridge of your mouth
for­tune cookies

the way I escape
death each



I found you cry­ing in a –more

Julia Tausch ~ Kinsley and Charlie

This sto­ry is inspired by and named for the daugh­ters of Amanda Stanton, Minor Star of Bachelor Nation, Year 2016


Our names are Kinsley and Charlie. We are wait­ing for our moth­er to come home.

In Los Angeles, in a man­sion, our moth­er is falling in love –more

Crow Jonah Norlander ~ Hairstyle Eras

Her hus­band nev­er dis­suad­ed her, though he didn’t love every look. Annually, there’d be a new ’do—different lengths, tex­tures, col­ors, and shapes. Twenty years in, she got dras­tic and asked, Should I cut it all off? Yes, he said with­out hes­i­ta­tion, –more

Steve Lambert ~ A Minor Character

You got­ta love the Sharon Lipschutzes of the world,” says James.  “You real­ly do.”

Rachel turns the page of her book and looks over at her hus­band.  “Sharon Lipschutz?”  She squints at the cov­er of his book even though she already knows –more

Kip Knott ~ Outswimming Monsters

Long before Callum ever took his first step into the murky waters of Loch Ness, he knew what lurked below. Callum’s moth­er had always been fas­ci­nat­ed with the idea of undis­cov­ered crea­tures liv­ing among us. And because of her proud Scottish her­itage, –more

Pat Foran ~ Engelbert Humperdinck

On a Wednesday morn­ing in the loop that is this world with­out end, Engelbert Humperdinck cuts him­self shav­ing. Above the Adam’s Apple.

I bleed, he says to the mir­ror as the trick­le makes its way to the notch of his neck. Who knew?

The TV voice from –more