Uchimura Kaho (内村佳保) ~ Autumn

At the cor­ner of a small path as nar­row as a porch
A grave­yard of cry­ing fire­flies spread silently
At the end of a long tun­nel where sum­mer is leaving
An umbrel­la is thrown away at a desert­ed station
An origa­mi crane in a trea­sure box
A news­pa­per stuck in a trash can
A mer­ry-go-round will nev­er turn again
A dig­i­tal cam­era fell into the deep sea
A satel­lite can’t come back to earth
A bon­fire that you for­got to put out
A crazy prayer
A trans­par­ent twi­light that takes my breath away is coming


Uchimura Kaho is a Japanese writer who lives in Tokyo. Her slo­gan won the grand prize at the Japan Reconstruction Agency Slogan Competition 2017. Her book report won the spe­cial prize at the Defense of Japan 2019 (Japan Ministry of Defense) Book Report Competition. She is the author of two nov­els, Jyuusan sai no taidou and Inishie gatari vol.1. Her nov­el won the grand prize at Hikone city Funahashi Seiichi Under 30’s Writing Competition 2021. Her poems won the grand prize at Shimazaki Touson Poetry Competition 2021, Minokamo city Poetry Competition 2021 and Tajimi city Poetry Competition 2021. Her Tanka (a genre of clas­si­cal Japanese poet­ry) won the grand prize at Minokamo city Tanka Competition 2021 and the Nikkei Newspaper the Best Tanka of the Year Award 2020. Her work has appeared or is forth­com­ing in The Ekphrastic Review and Eunoia Review. Find more on her web­site https://uchimurakaho.studio.site