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In early 1995 the current editors of New World Writing put our first literary magazine, then called MROnline, on the Internet. We were early adopters, unabashed. The idea was to publish a  literary magazine that was free to all who might be interested and which would be made up of original content, not previously published in print, specifically, original content not connected to the print edition of Mississippi Review, which we were also editing at that time. In May 2010 we stopped editing the print version of MR but continued and restructured MROnline under the new name New World Writing. These archives link to all the work we published in that original incarnation between April 1995 and May 2010. As it happens, some of the material we published online in the past came from the print edition of MR, and we thank the authors of these works for permission to reprint those items here. Indeed, we thank all of the authors for permission to reprint their work as part of the New World Writing Archive.  We hope you enjoy reading these back issues of the magazine.

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