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VOLUME 16, 2010

Volume 16, Number 2

April 2010

Larry French

Three More Stories 

C. Rusch

The Man Who Buried His Dogs in the Front Yard

Karen Kevorkian

Queen of the Night

Michael Dermansky

Intraocular Pressure

Ben Greenman


Tom Drury 


Alyson Hagy 

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Craig Nova 


Martin Naparstek 

Getting Shot

Stephen Graham Jones

Cops & Robbers
Robert Olen Butler  

"Woman Struck by Car Turns into Nymphomaniac"  

John Holman




Volume 16, Number 1

Flash Fictions Edited by Kim Chinquee


Mary Akers Bosoms

Randall Brown  Today They Will Canter

Lydia Copeland  Checkers

Kathy Fish  Two Fictions

Avital Gad-Cykman  Piece by Piece

Scott Garson  Interstate

Greg Gerke  I Want to Write Flash Fiction

Daniel Grandbois  Two Fictions

Peter Grandbois  TV Head

Tiff Holland  Sundries

Jeff Landon  Where I’m Going

Paul Lisicky  Mr. Cat

Robert Lopez  Nine off the Break

Darlin Neal  Legs

Carol Novack  Quantum Physics

Lorna Perez  Astronaut

Jen Pieroni  The People Here

Peter Ramos  Smoke on the Water

Gail Louise Siegel  They Made You Buy Blue Shoes

Carrie Spell  Map

Rusty W. Spell  Where Are You?  Where Did You Go?

Ed Taylor  “Save Me or I’ll Kill You” (Love Song)

Diane Williams  Wrigglework

VOLUME 15, 2009

Volume 15, Number 4
Fall Nonfiction/Nonpoetry

Jane Armstrong: Introduction

David Shields: Contradiction

(excerpt from Reality Hunger: A Manifesto)

Sean Singer: Freud Knows

Sean Singer: Van Gogh Legerdemain

Liz Scheid: Jellyfish

Nick Ripatrazone: Patriots’ Path

Jaime Shearn Coan: Rubylith

Ryan Ridge: Awayward Functions

Berman Black: Construction Management

Gary Percesepe: In the Hamptons

Steve Fellner: You’ve Got to Read This

Nicole Walker: Oil and Water

Kristen Iskandrian: Friendship, A Semiotics

Megan Mayhew Bergman: How to Make Collard Greens

Brandon Lingle: Quakes

Don Sherwood Olson: Triggerman

Dinty W. Moore: Self Critique

Volume 15, Number 3

Susan Kim Campbell Jump
Andy Plattner Hip Aunt Janet
John Givens The Buddha-nature of the Horse
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay No people without dogs
Lauren Spohrer Boys and Girls in America Have Such a Sad Time Together
Stephanie Janiak Family Dinner
Sara McKinnon A Full Hand
Carrie Spell A Dirty, Dirty Place
Cecilia Pinto The Wedding Party
Mark Budman Lot’s Wife
Kim Ponders Conquistadors of Los Angeles
Myfanwy Collins Wash, Dry, Fold
Fortunato Salazar Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump; or, Three Variations on My Father as Seamster
Christine Crutchfield Pray for Rain
Reese Kwon
Christine Jiyoung Yi Ingram

Volume 15, Number 2
Wandering the Archive II

Stacey Richter
The Beauty Treatment

Terese Svoboda

Vicki Hendricks

John Holman
I Did That

R.H.W. Dillard
In the Silent Secret Dark

Russell Edson
The Moonlighters

John Minichillo
Two Lifetime Members of the N.R.A. Who Loved Guns and Life Itself

Rick Bass

Rita Dove 
Golden Oldie
Wiring Home

Elizabeth Gilbert
Tall Folks  

Volume 15, Number 1
Wandering the Archive

James Robison 

Jay Marvin 

Karen Kevorkian

Kiki DeLancey

Ian McEwan 

Robert Olen Butler 

Jaime Clarke

Larry French

Larry French

John Holman

The Golden Monica

Ben Marcus 

Why I Have to Marry the Pool Guy

Susan Hubbard


Courtney Eldridge


VOLUME 14, 2008



Volume 14, Number 4
The Ekphrasis Issue

Editor Jane Armstrong


Jane Armstrong

Introduction to the Ekphrasis Issue

Carolyn Moore

The Next Time Art Seduces You

Kerry Krouse

Wax and Gold V

Tom Holmes

As with Energy, So with Form—Henri Thinks Through His Sculpture

Dorothee Lang

Room 2

Sacha Siskonen

22 Ways of Looking at Chagall

Shawn Huelle

Excerpt from the novella
A Determination of Parts

Ben Debus

Three Studies of F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu

Ann Lightcap Bruno

Three Takes on Brassai

Laura Madeline Wiseman

Elevator Girl Brand

Susan Varnot

Matisse: Seated Pink Nude

Brenda Yates

The Etruscan Fire Poker

Tuvia Ruebner

Translated from the Hebrew by Lisa Katz with Shahar Bram

The Ambassadors

Jacob Bathanti

Looking at Churches

Gary Lehmann

Unless I Feel the Wound

Sarah Sarai

St. Sarah Sarai Carrying the Infant Christ Child

Bob Bradshaw

Claude Monet: Camille on her Death Bed



Volume 14, Number 3

The Lit Mag at 100

Editors Travis Kurowski & Gary Percesepe

(Click the cover image for a PDF file of the issue)




Volume 14, Number 2

The Movies Issue

Guest Editors Jurgen Fauth and Marcy Dermansky

(click image for PDF file)












The 2007 Prize Issue

Volume 14, Number 1

(no longer available)


VOLUME 13, 2007


Volume 13, Number 4

Hyperextended Family

Editor: Darlin' Neal


Darlin' Neal Introduction

Nikki Bazar Orphans

Alice K. Boatwright Survivors

Kim Chinquee Wiener

T. J. Forrester Hand Me Down Blood

Heather Fowler A Cat for Greta

Tiff Holland The Boys

Liesl Jobson One Hundred Babies

Jeff Landon Harmony and Eggs

Jana Martin Painter

Mary Miller Full

Nathan Oates Theft

Jim Ruland Redshanks Regrets

Claudia Smith Jennies

Michael F. Smith You and Peggy and That Dog

Girija Tropp No Strange Circle

Girija Tropp Paradise Beach

Joan Wilking Hush



Volume 13, Number 3

New Fiction Issue
Editor, Gary Percesepe


Gary Percesepe Introduction

Jane Armstrong Putting Water Into the Air

Ann Beattie My Life At The Very Top

Kim Chinquee Shot Girls

J. A. Chisum The Parable of Casper and Paul Clark

John Holman Vacation

K. Kvashay-Boyle Not Me Shot Dead

Mark Lafferty Song and Dance

Jeff Landon Lifelike Baby Girls

Tao Lin The Existentially Fucked Megamouth Shark

Tao Lin Tao Lin

Mary Miller Even the Interstate Is Pretty

Bonnie Nadzam Rex

Hannah Pittard Some Nights

Theodore Ross Frankie the Coyote

Vinnie Wilhelm The Crying of the Gulls



Volume 13, Numbers 1&2

The Prose Poem Issue

Editor: Julia Johnson


Julia Johnson Introduction

Sally Ashton He will make intimate suggestions—

Michael Benedikt The Adventures of Resentment

Michael Benedikt Kitchen Scenes

Robert Bly Thinking of Hansel and Gretel

Mark Budman To My Love

Jack Christian Reporter

Wyn Cooper My Future

R. H. W. Dillard In the Silent Secret Dark

Russell Edson The Moonlighters

Russell Edson Myopia

Jennifer Grotz A Day So Empty

Bob Hicok Repast and future

Lesle Lewis April

Carsten Rene Nielsen Shadow

Iustin Panta These Sleeping Pills

Contributors Notes


VOLUME 12, 2006


Postmodern Pulp

Volume 12, Number 4

Editor: A. Neil Smith


Anthony Neil Smith Introduction

Nick Mamatas The Bloodied Woman

Paula Bomer Breasts

John Gorman Bones Brigade

R. Narvaez Unsynchronicity

Adam Cushman Felonies for which I was Never Apprehended: Chapter Eighty-Four.

Jeremiah Granden Thierry and Anouk

Ray Banks The Last Kayfabe

Richard Madelin The Girl at the Next Bench

Craig McDonald Sheriff Andy Goes To Hell

Kilean Kennedy True Up


Partly True Stories

Volume 12, Number 3

Editor: James Whorton


James Whorton Jr. Editor's Introduction

Matt Briggs Flag Ceremony

Kim Chinquee Farmer

Jill Christman Three Takes on a Jump

Pia Z. Ehrhardt When I Lived There

Steve Fellner Marrying Mom

Julia LaSalle Right Shoe

Inman Majors First Bike Ride; Queen; Bus Stops

Jeff McNeil The Loneliest of Nouns

Anne Panning Surprise

Jack Pendarvis The Train Going Back

Gary Percesepe Robert Kennedy as Remembered by Jean Baudrillard

Theodore Ross The Abandoned Brothel

Dayne Sherman Man Enough to Buy a Gun

Claudia Smith Slip

Theresa Starkey The Will

Kevin Walters Visit Home: March, 2006

Diana Wynne Dostoevsky and the Idiots


Stories of Mexico

Volume 12, Number 2

Editor: Peter Theis


Peter Theis Editor's Introduction

Miriam Wolfe Laughlin Who's That Standing There?

Dennis E. Thompson Conquistador

Sara Fasy My Mexican Cars

Marty McLennan Why I Almost Threw My Bike Into The Sea Of Cortez

Wayne Rapp Un Coyote

Juan Carlos de la Parra Musicology

Sandra Kolankiewicz El Circo

Nicholas Sorlien Worlds Between Cities

Mark Cox Ta Da

Richard Cordaway A Goat, a Boat, and a Wad of Cash

A. McIntyre The Cutter

Andrea Saenz Everyone’s Abuelo Can’t Have Ridden With Pancho Villa

Marvyn Petrucci Rip Off

Frederick Zackel When You Least Expect It, A Jackrabbit Pops Up

Laura Polley Pyramid Of The Sun

Darlin’ Neal XEROC 80, Juarez, Mexico

David Camps The Agent

Irene Keliher The Other Border


The Literary Now

Volume 12, Number 1

Editor: Jane Armstrong


VOLUME 11, 2005


The New America

Volume 11, Number 4

Editor: Gary Percesepe


Gary Percesepe Editor's Introduction

Nagham F. Awadallah I Don't Remind You of Anyone

Christopher Bakken Three Poems

Linwood Barclay What Boneheaded Design Guides Dubya’s Moves?

Gayle Brandeis Stewarding Liberty

Noam Chomsky Elections Run by Same Guys Who Sell Toothpaste

M.M. DeVoe Plague Mice

John D. Goldhammer Dr. Bush and Mr. Hyde: The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W. Bush

Jeff Halper The Narrow Gate to Peace

Thom Hartmann You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government

Harry Kreisler War of the Worlds, Then and Now

Michael Lerner Interview with Martin Marty

Matt Mason Code Orange

Bill Moyers 9/11 And The Sport of God

Danielle Poe Reality America

Tala A. Rahmeh Being Palestinian

Curtis Smith We Care!

Glen H. Stassen Just Peacemaking

Dan Stryk Lines for Our National Forecasters

Jere O’Neill Surber Europe’s America Today: A Little Help for Our Friends?

Ann Marie Tate We the People

Jim Wallis God's Politics: A Better Option

Howard Zinn Unacceptable Regimes in Iraq and the United States



Volume 11, Number 3

Guest Editor: Ken Foster


Ken Foster Introduction: I Should Have Known

Stevan Allred His Ticky Little Mind

Daphne Beal The Terms

Raul Correa Hilla Jamilla (Hilla is Beautiful)

Sean Ennis The Au Pair

Amanda Gersh Idi Amin Will Get You

Cynthia Gralla Nang Fah Jam Laeng: Angels in Disguise

Emer Martin Baby Zero An excerpt

Jan Meissner The Mud Field

Lincoln Michel The Old House

Joanna Pearson The Haircut

Marian Pierce Mrs. Nakamura

Felicia C. Sullivan Night Work

Pragya Trivedi Green

Suzy Vitello Paper Husbands


Holiday Fiction

Volume 11, Number 2

Editor: Carrie Hoffman



High Pulp Issue

Volume 11, Number 1

Editor: A. Neil Smith


Anthony Neil Smith Editors' Introduction

Brian J. Barr Stuman’s End

Scott Brothers Thrilling Hard-Boiled Detective Comics

Ken Bruen American Skin

Judith Cox Equinox

Victor Gischler The Humpers

Michael Glassman Naked Galveston

Vicki Hendricks Purrz, Baby

Jack Howland Down State

Stephen Graham Jones Cops & Robbers

Vishal Khanna Gloria My Gloria

Kathy Kubik A Fish Tale

Patrick J. Lambe My Throw Down Piece

Ed Lynskey Following the Sunsphere

Eric Madeen Onbashira Groove

Craig McDonald The Last Interview

Neal Pollack Pretty Good Vacation

Scott D. Pomfret Billy Vigor

Charlie Stella Father Diodorus




VOLUME 10, 2004


Poetry & Politics
Volume 10, Number 4

Editors:  David Chester & Phillip Ischy


David Chester & Phillip Ischy Editors' Introduction

Roy Jacobstein Note to You from Kathmandu

Evan Peterson Footnotes on Early Twenty-First Century Pop Culture

David Oliveira God Comes to the Tachi

Amy Shearn Luck (The Election)

Jim Barton One Night at a Pak-a-Sak in Iraq (or, No Need to Put That in a Bag, Dad)

Liesl Jobson Strelitzia; At the Home of a Colleague from the Child Protection Unit; Vocal Warm-up at the Co-Op

Mimi McDonald Four Lu-shihs of War

Richard Fein A Brief Lecture on the Physical Chemistry of the Diamond

Martin Rock They’ll Be Contacting Me; Baby’s Buyback and the Cowboy-Man

Arlene Ang Animal; God Decides to Take the Train

Daniel Borzutzky Henry Kissinger's Acceptance Speech for the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize

J.P. Dancing Bear Gacela of the Heart in Darkness

Amari Hamadene After Your Sickness . . . What Remains?; Today

M. Ayodele Heath A Sharecropper’s Pantoum

Clay Matthews Reflections of Red in an Aquarium

David Sherman At the Merry-Go-Round

James Wagner [Dear P.]



Volume 10, Number 3
Summer 2004

Edited by Jane Armstrong


Jane Armstrong, Editor's Introduction

Agi Mishol (Lisa Katz, trans.), Monday

Richard Grayson, Seven Men Who Made Me Happy

Spider Thorndal,  Mort, My Friend

Janine Cipolaro,  What To Do

Holly Pettit,  Oh Lordy, What Now?

Peggy Newland,  Snowmobiler Boy

Nathan Parker,  This is an

Jessica Girard,  Frustrated Dispersal

Sean Barry,  Second Letter to Jenny

Dinty W. Moore,  Transparent Eyeball

Jamey Gallagher,  In Front of the Pond

Jenn Habel,  And Then, of Course, There’s Hope

Dorothee Lang,  what it is, what it isn’t is

Matthew Summers-Sparks,  Sunshine

Rebecca Givens,  Verso

Jess Koski,  Surprises

Chris Arthur,  The Dagger in the Flesh and the Alchemy of Happiness

Dr. Nancy Etcoff,  Syllabus: The Science of Happiness

Chris Bachelder,  Notes Toward a Lay Report on the Joy Debt

Shelley Ettinger,  Mania

Allen Woodman,  This Bird Has A Secret Pocket


The Television Issue

Volume 10, Number 2, Spring 2004

Edited by James Whorton Jr.


James Whorton Jr. Editor's Note

Sommer Browning Quiet Night at Home Poem

Pia Z. Ehrhardt Ski-Doo

Andrea Hewitt When My Parents Were a Couple

Reeves Keyworth Audition for a Commercial, West Los Angeles

Vandana Khanna American Horror

Amy King Evening In; The Late Show Effect

Laura Levin Public Display of Affection

Adrian C. Louis Arse Poetica

Dianne McKnight Television

Gary Percesepe Reload; Me, Watching

David Pollock Winston Beak

Claudia Smith Galveston

Anna Ziegler What's on TV


Politics 2004

Volume 10, Number 1, Winter 2004

Edited by Gary Percesepe


Gary Percesepe
Introduction to the Politics 2004 Issue



Brother John of Taize One More Missed Opportunity?

Walter Wink Globalization and Empire

Al Gore Remarks to

Noam Chomsky Invasion as Marketing Problem: The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy

Jim Wallis Dangerous Religion: George W. Bush's Theology of Empire

Rabbi Michael Lerner Closed Hearts, Closed Minds

Tony Campolo Evangelical Zionists vs. George Bush

Merold Westphal The Fonda Fallacy All Over Again

Bruce Jackson Media and War: Bringing It All Back Home

Wayne Madsen Wag the Turkey: Surprise Thanksgiving Dinner at 6 AM?

Duane Shank The Project for a New American Empire

John D. Goldhammer Why the Bush "War on Terror" is Fated to Fail

Ben Tripp Conspiratorial Reading: How Bush Can Still Win

Fran Shor Groping the Body Politic: Arnold's California Putsch

Mark Zepezauer Why the Right Hates America

James Whorton Jr. My Time Machine

Amy Halloran War Boys



Jefferson Adams A Face Familiar To Me Once; White Crucifixion

Shane Allison On Dreaming of Kyle Secor Naked When Terrorists Flew a Plane Into The World Trade Center

George Drew Crocket in Babylon

Shelley Ettinger Three Poems

John Guzlowski Two Poems

Admiel Kosman Lament for the Ninth of Av

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee Lament for 20th-Century Air Travel

Sandra Novack Things I Did After 9-11; Ribbons

Ginger Strand New World Order

S. Asher Sund Security

V. Alan White Randall Terry Meets His Maker



Sefi Atta Toward the End

Josh Capps Bus

Rose-Anne Clermont Patriot

Corin Cummings Escape from an Arid Dreamland

Erika Dreifus Floating

Julia Elliott Jaws

Karen McBryde The Hot Spot

Tony O’Brien To Live and Work

G. David Schwartz In The Tavern

Laura Ellen Scott The Cool Aunt


Related Readings

The National Security Strategy of the United States of America

The National Strategy for Homeland Security

President's Remarks at the United Nations General Assembly 

President Bush Announces Major Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended

President Bush Meets with Troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving

Barneycam: See the President’s dog.


VOLUME 9, 2003


Volume 9, Number 4, Fall 2003


James Robison The Late Style

Christopher Helmuth Tulip

Tom Drury Thanksgiving

Alyson Hagy Graveyard of the Atlantic

Craig Nova Rattlesnake

Elizabeth Gilbert Tall Folks

Robert Olen Butler "Woman Struck by Car Turns into Nymphomaniac"

John Biguenet Paper Dolls

Thom Jones Rocket Man

James Poniewozik The Monitor

Ben Marcus The Golden Monica

Susan Hubbard Why I Have to Marry the Pool Guy

Stacey Richter The Beauty Treatment

David Alexander Decoys, The Frequency

Rick Bass Fiber

W.T. Pfefferle Two poems

Vicki Hendricks Gators

Kiki DeLancey Putch

Sandra Kolankiewicz Shark in a New Age Sea


Volume 9, Number 3

Summer 2003

Guest Editor: David Chester


Mandy Coe Staring For Beginners

John Craun And Spring

Marc Levi On The Grass

Oswald LeWinter The Spear of  Longinus

Barbara Hamby Ode on My Waist; Ode on My Terrariums; Flesh, Bone, and Red

Tom Jungerberg A Photograph Taken at the End of the World; Hooch

David Kirby Ignoble Phiz; . . . Alas, Not by Johannes Brahms

Kirsten Smith She Got Away and Came Back

Rita Mae Reese The Zookeeper’s Daughter Drives to the Store; The Alchemist’s Daughter Learns to Masturbate

Bryan Walpert Recalling Your Explanation of the Differences Among Lepidoptera

Jillian Weise How the Dumb Were Granted the Right to Have Sex

James R. Whitley Bodily

Ptim Callan We Built Things

Brandon Cornett Walter Beedee, Metaphor Man

Manuel Gonzales The Mouth

Scott O. Handy White Flight

Micaela Myers Lines

Christopher Helmuth Tulip

Patricia Klindienst Three Moments Upon Waking

Jack Pendarvis The Astonishing Gentleman

Jon Pineda Blind Spot

Greg Sanders Mr. Hallucinosis

Kevin Wilson Book of You



VOL 9 NO 2: SPRING 2003

Guest Editor: Anthony Neil Smith


Owen Cecil   Rack Hard
Paula Bohince   Johnstown
Chris Allen Clark   How I abducted My Elusive Migraine Queen
Amy Halloran   The Crime of Writing
Elizabeth Anne Hatmaker   Norton, Jan. ‘47
Jack Howland   Hoover’s Dad
Doug Lawson   Jersey Devils
Edward C. Lynskey   The Hanoi Hilton
J. K. Mason   Family Tree
John Minichillo   Two Lifetime Members of the N.R.A. Who Loved Guns and Life Itself
Wendell Ricketts   The Way It Happens
Laura Ellen Scott   Petey Prickles vs. Funeral Steve: An ALL-NEW Petey Prickles Caper!
Paul A. Toth   Oats
Scott Wolven   Eight Ball
Frederick Zackel  
Mario and Cheryse



VOL 9 NO 1: WINTER 2003

Guest Editor: W.T. Pfefferle



Scott Southwick:  #1
Steven Carter:  Mr. Good
Lacey Galbraith:  2/3 Golden Mean and a Chord
Jeff Reichman:  Weird
Mark Budman:  A Patriotic Angel
A.C. Koch:  Some Kind of Blue
Joseph Young:  Oh, That Magic Feeling
Marcelle Heath:  I'm doing nothing wrong
Joe Burton:  Malachi Phonoferous: Soloist
Leslie Stella: 
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Cinderella?



Jason Stumpf:  Analog
Ian Christopher Hooper:  At night I can hear the darkness...
David L. McNaron:  Three poems
Paul Guest:  On the Origins of Modern Atomism
Barbra Nightingale:  Three poems
Chris Patrick Morgan: 
The Dimwitted Organist


VOLUME 8, 2002


Fall 2002 ~ Vol 8 No 4

Guest Editor: Gary Percesepe


Gary Percesepe: Introduction

Willis Blandings: Our Satellite Dish

Janet Buck: Life as a House Hits Home

Chad Davidson: Bird’s Eye

Jason DeBoer: Edward G. Robinson; Rod Steiger

Patricia Ducey: Let Us Now Prepare to Eat our Sacred Cows

Robert Gibbons: Saturday

Alicia Gifford: Debbie and Me

Tobias Seamon: Order of the Dragon

Jennifer Solow: Sex In The Movies

Spider Thorndal: Spider's First Girlfriend; Tom Hanks and Daughter Lucy's Quest for Perfection; 10 Tips for Incoming Film Students

Anna Tambour: Before something is camp, what do you do?

Donna Scott: Continuous Showings

Rick Warner: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

John Warner: Man and his Madness

Jon Moskowitz:  Manifesto & Desire


Summer 2002 ~ V8 N3

Guest Editor: Jane Armstrong


Benjamin Percy What Would You Rather?

Kate Wheeler How it is Down Here

Todd J. Colby Acts of Kindness

Elizabeth Losh Sweat

Jake Burdick Equidistant

Shauna McKenna MacKay

Richard Mitchell The Counter

David Kirby Poems--Ndoki and The Higher Pantheism

Stephen Schottenfeld Trick or Treat

Connie Corzilius Slut Wisdom

Barbara Hamby Mr. Manago's Mango Trees

Clint McCown an excerpt from The Weatherman (novel in progress)

Dinty W. Moore Lem

Ron Carlson The Recent Vampire Attacks


Spring 2002 ~ Vol 8 No 2

Guest Editor: Leilani Hall


Leilani Hall Introduction

Kieron Devlin A Conversation with Rabih Alameddine

Sandra Kolankiewicz Shark in a New Age Sea

Jeff Parker Bingo

Diana Griego Erwin Arched Eyebrows

Chris DeBolt A Map Beyond the Edge

Jim Hazard Chicken Dinner

Mary Gannon Waking Las Vegas

Patrick Madden Gravity and Distance

Maria Proitsaki To Scandinavia, Unprepared

Evelyn Posamentier: Velvet Slippers

Agi Mishol To the Muses
Translated from the Hebrew by Lisa Katz


Winter 2002
Vol 8 No 1

Editor: Cheryl Wagner


Cheryl Wagner Introduction

Jay Fontenot Letters from a Mobile Jail

Cheryl Wagner At Home with the Chaos Hag: An Interview with Courtney Egan

Craig Taylor Three Incidents in My Drinking Life

Kevin Walters The Boss

Robin Grossinger Sand; In Search of a Lost Laguna; Resurvey

Paul Maliszewski Riled Up--An Interview with Kathy Maliszewski

Walt McDonald Aunt Florence and the Kalahari




VOLUME 7, 2001


Fall 2001 Vol 7 No 4

Guest Editor: Beck Finley


Beck Finley Introduction

Ander Monson Freda Thinks Spring

Joan Wilking Running Man

Joe Garcia Snowman

Vanessa Koepke So Maybe I Lied?

Ulf Kirchdorfer The Waiting Room

Pia Z. Ehrhardt The Water Laws

Terese Svoboda Weatherproof


Late Summer 2001

Vol 7 No 3

Editor: David Chester


David Chester Introduction

Steve Bellin Three Poems

John E. Branseum A Poem & A Short

Mark Budman To Own the Block

Claudette Cohen How the Water Rolls
at a County Water Quality Meeting

Brandon Cornett Graduation

Rachel Flynn Four Poems

Hooshla Fox Contracts

Michael Ives Two Poems

Kate Lutzner this crayon

Valerie MacEwan Court-Appointed

John Poch A Curse on the Denton Cops, the Lot of Them

Tracy Scarpino Breaking the Law of Falling Bodies

Richard K. Weems Steinberg & Whitman

Joan Wilking Show and Tell


Spring 2001 Vol 7 No 2

Editor: Jürgen Fauth


Jürgen Fauth An Introduction in 750 Words

Katherine Eittreim Hotel Love

Matt Briggs Trap

Michael Dermansky Intraocular Pressure

A. Papatya Bucak Rabbi in a Tea Cup

John Minichillo Here

Sasha Pepper Losing Teeth

Norman Lock Into the Interior

Ron Morelli A Tall Canister of Black Eyed Peas

Camille Renshaw Assurance

Matthew Callan I Think Jesus is a Cutie

Beck Finley Nightmares

Keith Regan Karma Travels

Ginger Strand What Happens Happens in a Moment

Eric Bosse The Dog-Faced Boy

Steven Salardino Now We're Really On Our Way


Winter 2001 Vol 7 No 1

Editor: Victoria Lancelotta


Victoria Lancelotta Editor's Introduction

A.C. Koch These Are My Demands

Virginia Harabin Surprise Me

Courtney Eldridge Sharks

Jon Pineda Honeymoon

Heidi Shayla The Coffin Builder's Romance

Joan Wilking Lizzy’s Bed

Jason Gurley In the Supermarket, On the 10

Scott Wolven Ball Lightning Reported In The Northeast Kingdom

Brock Clarke Accidents

Greg Bottoms A Stupid Story


VOLUME 6, 2000


Winter 2000
Vol 6 No 1


Alec Solomita In the Ravine

Ben Greenman Skunk

Jason Sanford Links

Shauna Rogan Souvenir Beach

D. McDougle Bamboo

Renee Podunovich The Café Patio

Lina ramona Vitkauskas The Transaction is Complete

Seth Abramson Forty Six & Red Rock Twisters (Garber, Oklahoma)

Alex Keegan Ballistics

Charlie Dickinson Steps

Robin Reagler The Age of IronyI Have a Theory

Andy Coan Glare Ice

Martha Conway Fall Migration


The MR Prize 1999

Spring ~ Vol 6 No 2


Ann Bronston
Obedience School

Greg Rappleye Homer, Faulkner, Noir
From The Vegas Cantos



Aaron Jason Ryan's Boys

Jaime Clarke Lindy

David Ryan Talent

Kiki DeLancey Putch

Lou Fisher Paul Newman's House

S. Graber The Law of Probability

Gerald Majer Peg

Rae Meadows Run for the Roses

Jesse Murphree Brother

Glen Pourciau The Dangerous Couple

Traci Sobocinski Each and Every Logical Confusion



Lynne Martin Bowman Domestica

Jason Bredle Anarchy

Charles Fort Justice

Sarah Jefferis The Right-Tusked Dream

James Magorian Pelham

Ralph Malachowski All American

Debra Marquart Do Drop Inn

Christopher Matthews Beneficial Insects

Mary Ann Samyn Tilde

Andrea Scott Electra Swimming Back

Katherine Soniat Nightshade

Jennifer Wheelock Tennessee Easter, 1998

Margaret Young Video Screenplay



The Noir Issue

Summer ~ Vol 6 No 3
Editor: A. Neil Smith


Anthony Neil Smith Editor's Introduction

Robert J. Randisi Black and White Memories

Vicki Hendricks Gators

Darren Subarton The Best Things in Life are Someone Else’s

Gary Phillips Lowball

Jenny Siler Sharks

Kevin James Miller Rain on A Stranger's Eyes



Martin Bennett Outside-In: Footnotes from a Squint-Eyed Guestworker

Chris Huntington Where Do You Wear Your Cross?

Josh Capps It Counts


Fall 2000 Vol 6 No 4

Editor: James Whorton


James Whorton Editor's Introduction

Corin Cummings Everything Else Was Forgettable

Carson H. Wu My Laugh

Frederick Zackel Woody and Neva Celebrate their Fiftieth Anniversary In Hawaii

John Fulmer Free-Standing

Janet Kieffer The Senator's Breakfast

Jane Messer Plump Girls Pinched with Butter

Jane B. Wilson Death of a Rooster

Kathy Jo Yates Burton Forgiveness

Matthew Murphy Eitel Poems


VOLUME 5,1999


The MR Prize 1998

Thom Jones Editor's Introduction



Curtis Sittenfeld 1993-94



Ann Bronston Eskimo Nights

Ad Hudler Carry-on Baggage

Devon Jackson Animal Control

Kyle Jarrard Dime Box

J. P. Jones Among the Dead

David Ryan Roswell

Incigul Sayman Accumulation in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Traci Sobocinski Disco Lemonade


Winter ~ Vol 5 No 1


David Gilbert How I Became a Realtor (in Exile)

Jack Shadoian Theorizing Filmic Space

Melita Schaum Lizard's Tail

Alec Solomita Old Flame

Amber Dorko Stopper The Skill Crane

Richard Weems Paradigms

Allen Woodman Dog Cake

Camille Renshaw Surfboards Like Coffin Lids


Spring ~ Vol 5 No 2


M. Lee Williams Frozen to Death  

Mark Trainer Dad's on Fire  

Pia Ehrhardt This  Life 

Ben Greenman In The Presence of the General

Robert James Berry Pulau Pinang


Summer ~ Vol 5 No 3


Michelle Rick Next Time

Morgan Hobbs Vegas

Betsy Ladner Second Round

Claire Bagby Foot Long

C. Abe Gaustad Mosquito Nose


Fall ~ Vol 5 No 4


Bob Kottage Clarence 

John Kinsella Two Poems

James Sallis Hazards of Autobiography

Amanda Eyre Ward Butte as in Beautiful

Steven McBrearty A Certain Type 

Abigail Allen Tahiti

Suzanne Greenberg Speed-Walk

Lynn Veach Sadler Miss Spam Maps of Vegas

Bill Beverly Benjamin Franklin, This is a Light Bulb

Sam Apple Beard

Vince Samarco Speaking Parts

Greg Sanders Nine Vignettes


VOLUME 4, 1998


V 4 N 1,January 1998

The 1997 MR Prize in fiction and poetry


Padgett Powell Note from the Fiction Judge

Angela Ball Note from the Poetry Judge

Richard Schmitt Leaving Venice, Florida

Patricia Clark The Only Body



Wendy Brenner Are We Almost There

Ann Bronston Mr. Bubbles

Kathryn Chetkovich Dreaming Before Sleep

Brock Clarke A Widespread Killing Frost

Michael Dahlie Last Words from a Camelback Sofa

Andrea Carter Brown 45

Chard deNiord The Visit

Jon Erickson Touching Tongues

Aviva Luria Sleep, Before Death


Entries of Special Merit



V 4 N 2, February 1998


Additional 1997 MR Prize finalists


Kiki DeLancey Carley's Knees

Adam Frey The Reality of the World

Bill Gordon A Flight From Jersey City

Anthony Varallo The Knot

Dallas Wiebe Home on the Range

David Kirby Sex Therapy

Stephen Knauth Nightfall

Elizabeth Kostova In Split

Louis Mazzari It's as if I took a wrong turn somewhere

George O'Connell Lint



V 4 N 3, March 1998


Susan Hubbard An Accident of Desire

Russ Dodge Mickey Mantle

Burton Goble Reunion

Fredric Koeppel Three Poems

Matt Marinovich You Know How Much I Love You

Jim Maguire Macroeconomic Stability: The Downside

Gary Percesepe The Prince of Arthur Avenue

Sean Ziebarth Revolver



V 4 N 4 April 1998


Rick Bass Fiber

William Tyree Losing Snakes

Robert Sward Ten Years Under the Eucalyptus

David Wimberley More Beautiful Than Horses

Jane Armstrong Ice Cream Cake

Jeff Whipple, Six Paintings Burning Eye Rubbers Holders Pie Tourist

Kim Church Museum of Hands



V 4 N 5, May 1998


Nancy Stone No Baby

Kyle Jarrard Sinking to China

Kyle Jarrard Waiting on the Moon

Marcy Dermansky Drop It

Rick Bass Fiber

Leo Haber Three Women

Camille Brougher At Night



V 4 N 6, June 1998


Geoffrey Brock Patricia Lost & Other Poems

Nancy Bauer True Confessions

Brian Cochran Not To Be Used Till Over 40

W.T. Pfefferle Two poems

Kim Garcia Peter & Other Poems

James Kirk What I Shouldn't Tell You

Christopher Mohney Night and Spider Baby

Dana Pattillo Consumed

Scott Poole Work

A. Wright from Chattel

Mary Wallach Why I Don't Write Autobiographical Poems

Renee Podunovich Piscine Vision

C.K. Tower Chanting Matins,Gathering The Bones



Summer 1998, V 4, N 7-9


Suzan Sherman The Cousin

Kyle Jarrard Fish Night

Carrie Bartsch Locals



Fall 1998, V 4, N 9-12


Amber Dorko Stopper The Skill Crane

Richard Weems Paradigms

Allen Woodman Dog Cake

David Alexander Decoys, The Frequency

Seth Tucker Gymnasium

Robert Shuster Another Sign of June

James Jay Andre the Giant Haiku

Adam Jones Hypothesis

Greg Sanders from Lamereaux



VOLUME 3, 1997


1996 MR Prize

V 3 N 1, January 1997








Jaime Clarke WE'RE SO FAMOUS

Michael Dahlie RETIREMENT





Virginia Harabin PRONE

Notes on the Contributors


V 3 N 2, February 1997


The Beauty Treatment Stacey Richter 

High Rooms Curtis Harnack

Queen of the Night Karen Kevorkian

Counting Backwards Marie Manilla

Carnivorous Plants Jill Marquis

Selling Eggs at the Punk House Lailee Mendelson

Hips Andy Mozina

Lead, Kindly Lie Lynne Butler Oakes

The Man Who Buried His Dogs in the Front Yard C. Rusch

Notes on the Contributors 


V 3 N 3, March 1997 


Denise Stallcup Cimarron Waltz 

Terese Svoboda A Mama 

Antonia Sweet The Last Time I Saw Elvis 

Mark Thorson Final Delivery 

John G. Wallace The Great Destroyer of China 

Tim Watt Blood Memory 

Notes on the Contributors


V 3 N 4, April 1997 


Peter Brown The Wedding

Tracy Heinlein The Brakes 

Victor Grauer Scratch 

Jay Marvin Four Poems 

James Whorton, Jr. The Dog 

David Alexander Mirror Fugue Gas Money 

Judy Wilson Portrait 

Robert Sward Power User

Christopher Scanlan Mad Looper

Notes on the Contributors


V 3 N 5, May 1997


David Gilbert Cold War

David Keith The Gods Leave Things Lying Around... 

Gary Kern Red-Tailed Hawk 

Suzanne Kamata Tragic Women 

Kathrine Jason Five Poems

Kyle Jarrard Something Sick

Chris Semansky Furniture 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 3 N 6, June 1997


Abigail Allen The Stylist 

Tracy Heinlein Volunteer 

Tristan Davies Talent Show 

Ronald Warren Deutsch A Secret Place 

John Pietz The Flute Harp

Gary Percesepe Gail

Robert Sward 42 Poets Named Robert

V. Alan White Three Poems

R. Virgil Ellis Three More Poems 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 3 N 7 & 8, July/August 1997


Mark Budman Fur Elise

Kyle Jarrard Fly, Fly

Suzanne Kamata Sacrifices

Richard Weems After Art

Richard Weems Soup

Gary Percesepe Three Poems

Steven J. Frank The Gelato Affair

Shelley Hunt Predestination

Martha Conway Dust

Notes on the Contributors


V 3 N 9, September 1997


david alexander if i were u

david alexander the tower

emily snow hackbarth snow ball

susan hubbard why i have to marry the pool guy

kyle jarrard zoned

megan sheehan t.v. land is funny

lily tuck the man who was struck by lightning

tracy heinlein volunteer

notes on the contributors


V 3 N 10, October 1997


james d. lilley and brian oberkirch an interview with barry hannah

craig graves delancey time dilation

sharon mckenna what might happen

david alexander in disguise with diamonds

notes on the contributors


V 3 N 12, November 1997


judy wilson a different kind of neverending

paul hassing the mars tiles

bart plantenga confessions of a beer mystic

richard cumyn the girl from the butts

richard fein dead letter dreams,
a question of thirteen seconds

richard stevenson miles in uniform;that mournful ballad sound; a bit of larkin; 1954, baker's keyboard lounge

robert sward "It's a Gun"


V 3 N 12, December 1997


dan chaon i wake up

greg sanders garage door

peter cooper tattoos

sharleen jonasson feet

n.m. kelby deals

ann z. leventhal violet's mystery

dan crawley o. connor in pain

notes on the contributors


VOLUME 2, 1996


V 2, N 1, January 1996 


Wayne in the Desert Padgett Powell 

Farrah Brett Berk 

Living Legends Francine Prose 

Glove Sandra Jacobs 

Metropolis Christine Schutt 

Jarheads Steve Lattimore 

Matters of Sulzer Ian Lirenman 

Dog Story Gordon Lish 

The Golden Monica Ben Marcus 

Where the Sturgeon Are Plentiful Peter C. Brown 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 2, February 1996 


Interview With William Gibson Larry McCaffery 

Independence Day RW Deutsch 

I Did That John Holman 

Parts Report Heather McHugh 

Two Poems Michael McNeilley 

The Monitor James Poniewozik 

Sweethearts Leon Rooke 

Ciudad Juarez Elizabeth Tallent 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 3, March 1996 


Thom Jones Rocket Man 

Charles Marvin Island of Swine 

Victoria Lancelotta  Festival 

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay  Cyberpunk and Neuromanticism 

George Slusser Literary MTV 

Maxine Chernoff Death Swap 

Gary Percesepe  Moratorium 

James Edward Whorton The Radio 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 4, April 1996 


Allan Vorda An Interview With Jamaica Kincaid 

Lynne Butler Oaks Communion, First and Last 

Dinty W. Moore Varieties of Religious Experience 

Joyce Carol Oates Death, Etc. 

David Sobieski Four Poems 

Ben Neihart Iquoi 

Jane Armstrong Clinic 

John Biguenet Paper Dolls 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 5, May 1996


John Holman Damaged Luxury 

Christy Sheffield Sanford Web Work 

Patrick O'Donnell Speed, Metaphor, and the Postmodern Road Novel 

Larry French Three Stories 

Andrew Alexander Little Bitty Pretty One 

Cindy King Three Poems 

Steven Carter Swimmers 

Lynn Butler Oaks The House 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 6, June 1996


Terese Svoboda Hills and Cats 

Jonathan Baumbach The Villa Mondare 

Alice Mattison The Library Card 

Larry French Three More Stories 

P.J. Jason The Nobody 

Michael Carlson Crystals in Their Hearts 

Barry Spacks About Us; Finger People 

Lola Haskins Pastoral; Self Portrait--Light from the Left 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 7&8, July/August 1996


Ron Carlson Grief 

John Holman Credentials 

David A. Harvey  Foreclosure 

Elizabeth Lee In the Pufferbelly 

David Alexander An American Surfer in Paris  

James Whorton Jr.  Deliver to My Wife 

David Lipsky Garden 

Donald Mangum A Bad Outfit 

David Michael Kaplan Bagpipes 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 9, September 1996


Robert Olen Butler  "Woman Uses Glass Eye to Spy on Philandering Husband" 

Robert Olen Butler  "Woman Struck by Car Turns into Nymphomaniac"  

John Holman Benefactors 

Allen Woodman Kiss 

Allen Woodman Saved by Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Allen Woodman The Christian Ventriloquist 

Victoria Lancelotta The Guide 

Wendy Battin Four Poems 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 10, October 1996


David Alexander 10K Rob 

Kim A. Herzinger Collector 

Paul Lisicky Radar 

Cynthia Kadohata Breece D'J Pancake 

Robert Olen Butler "Woman Uses Glass Eye to Spy on Philandering Husband" 

Robert Olen Butler "Woman Struck by Car Turns into Nymphomaniac" 

Steve Watkins Camouflage 

Guy Gallo Dutchy 

William Cobb Mergers & Acquisitions 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2, N 11, November 1996


Faith Miller Signs 

Jürgen Fauth Tiger 

Gary Percesepe He Wasn't You 

David Alexander The Lisbon Plane 

David Alexander Cadences 

David Alexander 10K Rob 

Kim A. Herzinger Collector 

Cynthia Kadohata Breece D'J Pancake 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 2 N 12, December 1996 


Beck Finley We're Sorry We Hit Your Dog 

Diana Dawson Plattner Cleome 

Michael Sexson Man Reading 

John Fulmer Grand Isle 

Roger Vaillancourt Look Blind 

Elizabeth Inness-Brown Stephen 

Donald Mangum Losing Steerage 

P.J.Jason Faux Pas 

Notes on the Contributors 


VOLUME 1, 1995


V 1, N 1 April 1995 


Th' Thortee Cook Joseph Ferguson 

The Usual Rues, Boulevards and Jardins David Keith 

Paying Attention Ken Craven

Hard Looks W.T. Pfefferle 

How Animals Mate Daniel Mueller 

Riding With the Doctor R. Sebastian Bennett 

The 39 Steps Beanie Watkins

Where Characters Come From Ann Beattie 

Cyphertext Jurgen Fauth 

Reviews & Comments 


V 1, N 2, May 1995 


Editor's Introduction 

Poems Ginny Grimsley 

Heroin Man Tom Drury 

Socorro Frederick Barthelme 

I Am the Bear Wendy Brenner 

Circuses Charles Marvin 

What Does That Make Me? Kevin Walters 

Three Poems Steven Bellin 

Lives in Motion: On Rita Dove Kevin Stein  

Going to the Elephant Tim Melley 

Poems David Chester 

Getting Shot Martin Naparstek 

Reviews & Comments 


V 1, N 3, June 1995 


Countdown: Once Upon a Time John Barth 

Cordless in the Fifties Terese Svoboda 

The Water Column Ronald Duane Smith 

Home Angela Ball 

Work Terry Engel 

Don't Look Martha Conway 

Arazi in the Deep South Andy Plattner 

Prone Virginia Harabin 

Tall Folks Elizabeth Gilbert 



V 1, N 4&5, July/August 1995 


An Interview with Rita Dove Steven Bellin 

Landlord Andrew Plattner 

What's Eating William Gass? Gary Percesepe 

Adam Names the Animals Ann Henry 

Who Are They Who Are Like Clouds? John Dufresne 

Rewind Steven Sanders 

Fullback Glory Cortright McMeel 

Things To Do Steven Carter 

Cartwheel Jane Armstrong 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 1, N 6, September 1995 


Fidel's Secret Agent Jay Marvin 

Sent Home Mary Gordon 

Cadaver Scan Rob Hardin 

Poles in Your Face: Pitfalls of Hyperfiction Jurgen Fauth 

Triana Caroline Prince 

What You Do Best Gary Percesepe 

Rattlesnake Craig Nova 

Grief Victoria Else 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 1, N 7, October 1995 


Interview with Martin Amis Will Self 

Three Short Pieces Margaret Atwood 

Salem Robert Olen Butler 

Exit Rita Dove 

Golden Oldie Rita Dove 

Wiring Home Rita Dove 

Kayak Terry Engel 

The Universal Donor Michael Hemphill 

The 14-Year-Old Goethe . . . Laurie O'Brien 

Christina of St. Trond Laurie O'Brien 

This is A Headlock Mary Rees 

The Curiosities Michael Waters 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 1, N 8, November 1995 


Driving the Heart Jason Brown 

Cool Moss David Gilbert 

Four Poems Tara Calishain 

Hello Marge Mario Rossilli 

Party Girl Terese Svoboda 

Snapshot Ben Greenman 

Kisser Lisa Zeidner 

List Maker Kristi Coulter 

Graveyard of the Atlantic Alyson Hagy 

When It Started Victoria Else 

Notes on the Contributors 


V 1, N 9, December 1995 


Jerks Karen Shepard 

Thanksgiving Tom Drury 

Afterglow Terry Engel 

The Social Life of the Architect Dennis Hathaway 

The Late Style James Robison 

Escape Doug Lawson 

I Cannot Quite Remember Ian McEwan 

Miller on the Rocks Brian Oberkirch 

Sleeping Utensils Ron Nyren 

Kissing Randy Caroline Prince 

Notes on the Contributors 



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