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Volume 2, Number 5 ~ May 1996 ~ Contributors

Andrew Alexander is finishing his M.A. at the Center for Writers. His work has appeared in Product, Poultry Dodging, and Diamizium.

Steven Carter has published in South Dakota Review, American Literary Review, Crescent Review, and South Carolina Review. He is former editor of the Georgetown Review.

Larry French's pieces have appeared in Ascent, the New Orleans Review, and elsewhere, and have been anthologized in the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction.

John Holman, a graduate of USM's Center for Writers, teaches in the creative writing program at Georgia State Univeristy. His work has appeared in The New Yorker and in numerous anthologies, and his collection of stories, Squabble, was published by Ticknor & Fields.

Cindy King has published in Product and elsewhere. She will receive her M.A. from the Center for Writers next year.

Lynn Butler Oaks has been published in The Quarterly, The Missouri Review, Fiction International, Story Quarterly, and elsewhere.

Patrick O'Donnell teaches at Purdue University, where he edits mfs: modern fiction studies. He is the author of books and essays on contemporary fiction, including Passionate Doubts: Designs of Interpretation in Contemporary Fiction, and Echo Chambers: Figuring Voice in Modern Narrative. Currently, he is finishing up a book on paranoia and contemporary narrative.

Christy Sheffield Sanford is the creator of Red Mona, a mixed genre piece containing over 40 French Flash Cards, collaged with images and text and accompanied by sound files, and of The Madame de Lafayette Book of Hours, a collaborative project inspired by the life, work and time of Madame de Lafayette. The Kiss is her most recent book. She won a 1992 NEA in poetry.

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