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MR-WEB Volume 1 Number 6, September 1995


Mary Gordon is author of four novels, a collection of stories, and a collection of essays. Her three novellas, The Rest of Life, was published by Viking in 1994. She teaches at Barnard College.

Craig Nova's novel, The Book of Dreams was published by Ticknor & Fields in 1993.

Victoria Else was published for the first time last year in the Western Humanities Review and has a poem scheduled for publication in the fall issue of the Paris Review. She belongs to a small poet's group in NYC.

Jurgen Fauth is a German individual working on an advanced degree in The Center for Writers at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Caroline Prince is finishing her Ph.D. in writing at The Center for Writers. Her stories have appeared in several small magazines.

Rob Hardin is a studio musician and writer who lives in a potentially lethal sector of the Lower East Side. His writing has appeared in Fiction International, Postmodern Culture, Blip Magazine Archive, Future Sex, A Gathering of the Tribes, American Book Review, Red Tape, Black Ice, Puck, and Cups, and in the anthologies Avant Pop (Black Ice), Atomic Avenue (Henye Verlag), Storming The Reality Studio (Duke U. Press), and in the forthcoming Forbidden Acts (Avon) and Crimes of the Beats (ed. Ron Kolm). Currently at work on his second novel, he is also an editor of the literary magazine, Sensitive Skin and a member of The Unbearables. He was interviewed in the Cyberpunk (May 89) issue of Keyboard Magazine. Recent music projects include Cherry Red (Feralette), Pillbox (Feralette), 22 Brides (Zero Hour), "Save Yourself," a video for Arthur Baker's Nation Of Abel, and incidental music for The Crow. His e-mail address is

Jay Marvin is International.

Gary Percesepe is fiction editor at Antioch Review. He has published several books on Derrida and has recently edited a collection of feminist criticism.

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