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Volume 2, Number 11 ~ November 1996

David Alexander has authored some thirty-two mass market paperback novels. About two years ago he decided it was time to return to writing noncommercial short fiction, something he had put off for more than a decade. Since then he has been searching for new metaphors and narrative modes suited to the age of the sound bite, the blur and the Zen koan as rock lyric.

Jürgen Fauth studied in his native Germany and at the Center for Writers in the U.S. His stories have appeared in Enterzone, In Vivo, MR Web, and elsewhere, and he publishes Der Brennende Busch, a German language Web-based literary magazine.

Kim A. Herzinger has written fiction, non-fiction, plays, and poetry. A few years ago he won a Pushcart Prize for his Buddy Holly story. He teaches at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Faith Miller lives in New York City with her cat, Shamrock. Her work has appeared online in ezines including Blue Penny Quarterly and the Cat Machine Index and in print in magazines including Hanging Loose, Next Phase, Space and Time and Oasis. She has recently completed a novel called Logic Puzzles portions of which are forthcoming in Footwork and Prism.

Cynthia Kadohata's first novel, The Floating World, was published by Viking in 1989. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker and elsewhere.

Gary Percesepe ( is Fiction Editor at the Antioch Review. A native New Yorker, he was a student of T. Coraghessan Boyle (back when he was just Tom) in high school, and has studied with William H. Gass and Mary Grimm. The author of four books in philosophy, he has a novel in progress as well as a new book on postmodern theory, Beyond Suspicion.

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