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July/August 1997  

Mark Budman is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. His short fiction and poetry have appeared or are scheduled to appear in Midstream, Beyond, Thoth, Highbeams, Knightmares and Anthology magazines. He is a finalist of several Writer's Digest fiction competitions. His poetry has been selected for the anthology of the best American magazine poetry of 1995/1996. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and two daughters.

Martha Conway is the Fiction Editor at Enterzone, and has published stories in the Massachusetts Review, The Quarterly, Carolina Quarterly, and elsewhere. She has lived in Cleveland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Francisco. 

Steven J. Frank writes patents by day and fiction by night.  His first novel, The Uncertainty Principle, was just released by Permeable Press; it's a humorous, provocative look at the soul of the techie and the world they inhabit. His short stories have appeared in Flipside, the Journal of the Patent Office Society, and the webzines Spirals and Dazzler.  E-mail him at 

Shelley Hunt has published stories in The Way We Live: Stories by Utah Women (Signature Books, 1994), in What There Is: The Crossroads Anthology and in Sudden Fiction Continued (W.W. Norton, 1996). Her story, "Men You Should Never Marry" won the 1997 Writers at Work Fellowship Competition in Fiction and is forthcoming from Quarterly West.  

Kyle Jarrard is an editor working at the International Herald Tribune. He has published in North American Review and New Orleans Review, and his novel, Over There, has just been published by Baskerville. 

Suzanne Kamata lives in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, where she is working on a series of stories involving Japanese folklore.  She is the editor of the literary journal Yomimono and the author of work forthcoming in The Trekker News & Views, Lilly Magazine and Shi to Shiso

Gary Percesepe ( is a former Fiction Editor at the Antioch Review. A native New Yorker, he was a student of T. Coraghessan Boyle (back when he was just Tom) in high school, and has studied with William H. Gass and Mary Grimm. The author of four books in philosophy, he has a novel in progress as well as a new book on postmodern theory, Beyond Suspicion

Richard Weems has had work in the Crescent Review, and has new work forthcoming in the New England Review. He lives in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. He teaches writing, he counsels homeless teenagers, he lifts weights. Sometimes, he bows before the Buddha. He once saw Lily Tomlin explain the difference between art and soup to alien visitors, and this affected him deeply. 


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