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Holly Pettit

Oh Lordy, What Now?

Opal rolled over in the bright sun of a near-stranger’s bed.


She heard a voice in her head say, Certain, Dearie,

Fresh men are countries undiscovered.


How true, Opal said, I stand on a hill in Darien,


She thought this because she was happy then,

Her latest date had come off commendably


And she was again upholstered in the nap of infatuation.


Dare we mention the lad’s most promising blondness?

And though, let’s confess, he couldn’t even pretend tall,


What he was, was…well, he was just so



Any man in the street could see right through him. Why,

In strong light


He might be transparent.


Oh, sure, in different moments she’d feel differently,

And in later moments, older,


How well she knew it,


But why think about all that somber other bother,

When she’d rather roll ‘round happy all day?

Born on a SAC Base on the Canadian border, raised in Alabama, Holly Pettit served as a Russian Linguist in Europe for the U.S. Army, graduated Harvard Divinity School, and worked for the homeless community in Boston.  She now lives in New Hampshire. 

Admissions Moderator of the online poetry workshop Zeugma, ( Holly is an alumna of the Creative Center of New York for Art in Hospitals, and was a 2003 Visiting Writer to Romania.

Her most recent work appears in Comstock Review, Controlled Burn, CQ, Exquisite Corpse, ONTHEBUS, Potomac Review, and in Web Del Sol’s Del Sol Review.

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