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the Blip Magazine Archive, volume 2 number 12, december 1996

Beck Finley is co-editor of the literary journal Naughahyde and has just completed her M.A. at The Center for Writers.

John Fulmer is finishing his doctoral degree at The Center for Writers. He has published in numerous literary magazines and is at work on a novel. He is the editor of The Georgetown Review.

Elizabeth Inness-Brown has two collections of stories, "Satin Palms," and a new collection published last year by the LSU Press. She teaches fiction writing in Vermont. Her short stories have appeared in many literary magazines as well as in Esquire and The New Yorker.

P.J. Jason's short stories have appeared in such publications as African Voices, Blip Magazine Archive, Fiction International, ACM(Another Chicago Magazine), River Styx, Rosebud, Papyrus (Greater Hartford African American Writers Guild), Salmagundi (eZine), Wascana Review (Canada), Black River Review, Private Arts, Dream Forge (eZine), Rave Review (eZine), Kaspahraster (eZine), Struggle, Uno Mas Magazine, and Left Curve.

Donald Mangum has published in The New Yorker and various other magazines. He lives and writes in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Diana Dawson Plattner lives in Kentucky where she writes fiction and non-fiction prose. Her work has been published in Product, Carthage Quarterly, and Manfred.

Michael Sexson ( is Professor of English at Montana State University in Bozeman where he specializes in myth, religion and literature. He is the author of a book on the poet Wallace Stevens and co-edits the literary journal Corona. At present he is working on a collection of essays titled Sacramental Seeing, Speaking and Doing in Shakespeare.

Roger Vaillancourt is a technical writer in Seattle. His previous work has been published in Paragraph magazine.

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