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Camille Brougher lives in a northern Arizona ghost town, where she, her husband, and their two kids are restoring the old schoolhouse. She has had an essay published locally, and is completing an M.A. at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Ms. Brougher is currently fiction editor for the literary journal, Thin Air.

Marcy Dermansky recently received her MA from the Center for Writers. Her stories have appeared in Furious Fictions and Naugahyde Literary Journal.

Leo Haber
, adjunct professor of Hebrew language and literature at Hebrew Union College, New York, is also consulting editor at the monthly journal Midstream. He taught English and Hebrew at The City College of New York and was chairman of the foreign-language department at Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst, New York, where he taught English, Hebrew, and Latin. Mr. Haber has published poetry, fiction, and articles on current affairs, literature, and music in a variety of journals including Commentary, Midstream, Witness, Louisville Review, Voices West, The Literary Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Southern Anthology, Snake Nation Review, The Prose Poem: An International Journal, Stereo Review, High Fidelity, The Carnegie Hall Program, Saturday Review, The Providence Journal/Bulletin, and The New York Times. The prominent English quarterly in South Africa, Jewish Affairs, recently published a complete novella by Mr. Haber, in two separate issues. Mr. Haber has won awards in fiction from Negative Capability, Literal Latté, Serpentine, and Red Rock Review; in poetry from Embers, Poetpourri, Quick Brown Fox Literary Journal, Icarus, Gramercy Pictures, El Dorado Writers' Guild, and the Poetry Society of Dallas, Texas; in the essay from The New Press. Mr. Haber and his wife, Sylvia, live in Brooklyn, NY, and are the parents of two sons.

"Sinking to China" is an excerpt from the manuscript of Kyle Jarrard's second novel, Down in There. His first novel, Over There, was published by Baskerville in 1997, and his short stories and poems have appeared in various magazines, including the North American Review, Frank, Eclectica, Rain City Review, Pharos, Descant, New Orleans Review and American Way.

Nancy Stone lives in Northeast Florida, where she is a columnist for a local newspaper. Her poetry has appeared in Zuzu's Petals Quarterly. "No Baby" is her first published fiction.

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