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David Lumsden

The question of the blog is the question of the whole


I won't abandon the blog again.
It is the only thing I can hold on to.
# posted by K, 16 December 1910


On 23 December 1911, K said ...
This blog shows with consoling clarity
how one has already survived the unbearable.

On 11 February 1912, K said ...
I must be worthy of the blog
at every moment. Hold fast to it!

On 15 August 1912, K said ...
Spent whole day reading old entries.

On 13 March 1913, K said ...
I miss blogging.

On 2 May 1913, K said ...
It has become necessary to resume blogging.

On 20 October 1913, K said ...
Not even the desire to blog.
Nobody posts comments.

On 19 November 1913, K said ...
Reading this blog shakes me.
No confidence remains.

David Lumsden currently lives in Warsaw, Poland, where he manages a large insurance software development. David's poems have appeared in several journals, including The Formalist (Indiana), P.N.Review (Manchester, U.K), and Poetry Australia.  Work is also forthcoming in the March 2006 issue of Fulcrum Annual (Cambridge, MA).

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