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MR-WEB Volume 2 Number 2, February 1996


RW Deutsch is a screenwriter living in North Hollywood, California who is hoping that this year will be a good one. He has recently adapted "The Seventh Sleeper" by William R. Dantz for Unger Productions and his low budget soon to be cult classic "Viking Girls on Spring Break" is being produced by Rocket Pictures. In his many incarnations, he has been a sound engineer for The Grateful Dead, a stage manager for an Improv Troupe whose members included Robin Williams and Will Durst, and has lectured on screenplay analysis and writing. This is his first published short story.

William Gibson's first novel, Neuromancer, is the only novel to win the SF Triple Crown: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the Philip K. Dick Award. His second novel, Count Zero, was published in 1986, and his third, Mona Lisa Overdrive, appeared in l988. He wrote the screenplay for Aliens III.

John Holman's fiction has appeared in The New Yorker and was collected in Squabble and Other Stories from Ticknor & Fields. He teaches writing at the Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Larry McCaffery's books include The Metaphysical Muse, Anything Can Happen, and Postmodern Fiction: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide, and the new book of interviews, Alive and Writing (Univ. of Illinois Press). He co-edits Fiction International and Critique. This interview and the rest of the Blip Magazine Archive from which it is taken form the core of his book on cyberpunk writing.

Heather McHugh is a net neophyte and a gross old pacifist. Most recent paper books: Hinge & Sign: Poems l968-l993, and Broken English: Poetry and Partiality [essays], both published by Wesleyan/UPNE.

Michael McNeilley is editor of the Olympia Review; was Founding Director of the National Student News Service; worked as a reporter and correspondent in Washington, DC; and has published poems and stories in New Delta Review, Red Dancefloor, Poet, Hyphen, Minotaur, Slipstream, Lilliput Review, Bouillabaisse, Writers' Forum, Rockford Review, xib, Exquisite Corpse and elsewhere. His recent chapbook, Grift, is available from God's Bar Press, NYC.

James Poniewozik ( lives in Brooklyn. His fiction has been published in Indiana Review and has been awarded the Avery Hopwood Special Award in Fiction.

Leon Rooke is author of two novels and nine story collections, among the most recent A Bolt of White Cloth and Sing Me No Love Songs I'll Say You No Prayers from Ecco Press.

Elizabeth Tallent has written a novel and two story collections; her work frequently appears in The New Yorker. She teaches at UC-Davis

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